Megapaca!  Bargain shopping at it’s best!  I got up at 5:15am to take Dave to catch the bus to El Salvador for a rugby game then got dressed, grabbed two friends and headed on over to the Megapaca.  It’s basically Goodwill, so you’ve gotta look long and hard.  But you can find some good stuff, and boy is it cheap!  The most I paid for anything was $3.00!  I will definitely be heading back there.

Now to switch topics completely.  I think one of the hardest and best parts of growing up is coming to terms with who you are.  And liking it.  I don’t think Mom was ever able to do that- just like who she was.  But I can understand why- it’s not always easy.  For example, there is a group of people here who I like.  They’re fun and nice and I enjoy spending time with them.  Sometimes.  But they do like to drink.  And I’m not as gung-ho about being hammered as they are.  Last night, we went to a party.  After about 30 minutes, I realized I was sitting alone, nursing a beer, watching conversations happen around me.  Now before you go feeling sorry for me, I wasn’t unhappy about it.  In fact, I looked around the room and realized that I didn’t have a darn thing to say to anybody anyway.  It was a weird feeling.  It was kind of freeing and painful at the same time. 

But ultimately, I like me.  I feel like I miss out on things or don’t get invited to all the things I’d like to.  But I’m also perfectly happy spending a gorgeous Saturday alone at home, reading in the hammock and petting my pups. 


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