Morning Ramblings

I will not lie.  I love my husband and I love cuddling up to him each night… but sometimes it is really nice to have the bed all to yourself.  Well, all to yourself except for the little black dog that thinks it’s really her bed.  I’m having a bit of a moral delima today.  No, not just today- every day since we got Pip.  She is exactly what I always wanted in a dog- small enough to hold, cuddly, affectionate, playful.  She’s what Rugby would’ve been if he’d been a little tinier- that dog always wanted to be a lap dog!  He would’ve been content to spend his whole life in someone’s lap.  Pip, though, is happy in your lap and out of your lap.  She loves running through the house, sneaking socks downstairs, whacking herself in the face with her purple kong toy and trying to kill the squeak inside.  She torments Bay, which is fun, because it actually gets Bay up and playing like a puppy again.  Rugby was a wonderful friend for Bay, but he wasn’t terribly active.  He grew up in a shelter so he never really learned how to play with toys.  He didn’t chase anything, wasn’t interested in fetch.  You could roll a ball right to his face and he MIGHT watch it… most likely not.  In Kuwait, we had an enclosed parking lot where we took the dogs each night to have a bit of a run around.  He would usually tear around the parking lot, totally spastically, for about 5 minutes… then he was done.  Here in Guate, we have puppy play date Sundays.  We go to our school, which is a huge campus and completely fenced in, or to our friend Brian’s, which is a smaller neighborhood but also totally fenced in.  Brian has a dog, and our friend’s Jaime and G (he has a real name but I have not learned how to spell it) have two dogs also.  So it’s usually our five dogs, running and playing together.  They have such a good time and I look forward to it every week.  Rugby would’ve probably loved all the free space, but he would’ve hung out close to me most of the time.  He just wasn’t a playful guy.  Pip, on the other hand, runs herself stupid every time! 

I got off topic there a little.  So my issue is that Bay has never been an affectionate dog.  She is perfectly happy to sit alone on her bed and is kind of like a cat- she won’t necessarily come over to be petted when you call.  She does NOT like to cuddle and she’s way to big and bony to hold in my lap.  We have been diligent about making sure she doesn’t get on the furniture because she sheds like it’s the thing to do according to all the cool kids.  But Pip jumps up on the couch.  And Pip wakes us up in the morning by jumping on the bed and coming to lie down in between Dave and me (no matter what time it is).  It makes me sad.  Do you think that Bay is sad?  Do you think she thinks we love Pip more?  Because I don’t!  I make a point to pet and love on Bay as much as she’ll let me.  But she just looks so sad sometimes…

Time for coffee.  Day 5.  I’m on a roll.


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