The Final Countdown…

I love this time of the year- no matter how much I love my job, there is something so exciting and wonderful in the air when The End of School is near.  The weather feels different, the air is different, the kids are different, and the teachers are definitely different.  There is an impatience and a resolution in our actions and in our dealings with the kids.  We’re over the crap, we’re done arguing- if you don’t want to pay attention, don’t pay attention.  If you don’t want to do your homework, fine with me.  Most of us would gladly stop giving homework because we’re tired of grading it, anyway.  We’ve started making plans for next year- if we’re moving to a new school, we’ve already mentally checked out.  If we’re starting a new job, we’re thinking ahead.  And if we’re staying in the same position, we’re thinking how we can do it better next year.  There’s usually a lot more drinking at this time of the year- somehow knowing there are only 19 days of school left makes you more likely to drink that extra glass of wine or say yes to mid-week margaritas.  I personally have the 8th grade performance in a little over a week and I am in no way stressed about it.  I’ve put it all on the kids.  And it’s a good feeling.

We will be back in GA one month from today.  I love the feeling of going home.  We won’t be staying in our house this summer, which I will miss.  But we will be staying with Daddy and that makes me happy!  Especially because the last time I was home, we moved the guest room around a bit so now it just seems a little bigger.  I know, it’s the little things. 

Day 6. BAM!


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