Working for a living…

Dave made me laugh this morning- out loud and for a long time.  I’m still actually laughing about it now and it’s five hours later.  Here’s the story:

Dave and I share our morning duties- one morning I get up and take the dogs downstairs, let them out, feed them and start the coffee while he gets in the shower.  He’s usually done by the time I’ve made it back upstairs and brushed my teeth.  The next day, we switch.  Well, yesterday I was feeling a tab bit lazy and stayed in bed while he took care of the morning things-to-do and took a shower.  This morning, naturally, it was my turn to take care of the dogs and coffee… but it was also my turn to get in the shower first.  So I told him if he would just run the dogs down to go outside (simple act of opening a door) and let me shower, I would do everything else when I was dressed and ready.  He, being a wonderful man, agreed.

Fast forward to us both being done with our showers and him being dressed and ready before I was.  While I was applying a lovely shade of brown eyeliner, he announced that he was headed downstairs.  I asked if he would go ahead and start the coffee, so it would be ready before we had to head out the door.  Not missing a beat he replied, “What?  Are you only working part time this week?”  I’m giggling right now.

I have to admit, however, that usually when he makes these little side comments about how much he does around the house, or how little I do, they drive me BSC (bat shi% crazy).  I do not in anyway understand why he is incapable of admitting that he doesn’t always pull his weight in the house-keeping-up area.  Seriously, the hulk-girl inside of me rears up whenever he asks “What do you do around here?” or “I have to do everything in this house!” and it takes all my human strength not to throat punch him.  I have come to the conclusion that this has a lot to do with me being afraid, on some weird level, that I’m not pulling my weight… but mostly it drives me bonkers because I have to ask him to do everything.  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

But this morning, it just made me laugh!  And, like I said, I’m still laughing.  I’d like to think that I’m turning a new corner where I can find amusement in his little digs at my housekeeping skills… but that’s probably not true.  Today, though, I will laugh.


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