I missed yesterday but I’m back.  It just fell by the wayside.  Not to worry- it might not happen again.

I’ve had an emotional couple of days but the end results were worth it.  No details are necessary but trust that I know where I am, where I stand now.  And it seems to be on two-feet with lots of hands to hold onto.

Since this blog is supposed to be about my novel, I’ll tell you where I am on that.  I’ve been thinking of a different direction for MY book, my story.  I don’t know how to make it work exactly but I think that is a book that deserves to be written.  I mean, I didn’t know about this life (international teaching) until I got into it.  I had never heard of a “third-culture kid” and had no idea that teachers drink as much as they do.  Try and picture your HS English teacher going home to smoke pot and drink beer- you probably can’t (I don’t know, maybe you can… I can’t).  I never guessed I would not only marry someone from England but also be able to tell the difference between a British, Australian, and Kiwi accent (the guy on the Outback commercials is a fake Aussie, just so you know!).  Or even that I would ever know people from Australia and New Zealand!  I had a certified A-rab in my wedding!  If you would’ve told me, back in 2000 when I graduated from college, that ANY of this was going to happen… there are not words to describe the disbelief I would’ve felt.  But here I am, 10 years, four countries, two Kuwaiti and one Guatemalan puppies, and one British husband later… who else has this story to tell?

So really, I need to figure out how to tell it.  Reality is not the way to go… it has to be MORE.  I’ll keep you posted on where I go with this…

Last night I watched Brooks and Dunn “The Last Rodeo.”  I cried.  I remembered listening to some of their songs when I was little… with Mom.  I couldn’t decide if she would’ve been watching that and Tivo’ing Lost or vice versa.  She would’ve Tivo’ed Brooks and Dunn if I had needed her to.  She once Tivo’ed a country music festival and had it saved for months.  I never went and watched it.  Thanks, Mom.  I did actually appreciate it…


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