It’s all about perspective…

Last night, I was lying in bed thinking.  My stomach hurt and I had gone to bed a bit early.  Dave was downstairs playing something or watching something or, most likely, playing AND watching something.  Because of the storms, it was very cold in my room so I went down and grabbed a dog to come cuddle with me.  When I was snuggled back in, spooning with Pip (which was much better than the alternative of having her breathe right in my face and having her paw in my ear), I started thinking about everything that would be different if I wasn’t married.  I mean, my whole life would be different.  If we hadn’t met, who knows where I’d be now.  I don’t think I’d have two dogs, I probably wouldn’t be in Guatemala, I definitely never would’ve gone to China.  I certainly wouldn’t be trying to ignore the golf on my television… because it wouldn’t be there.  I wouldn’t understand how to play rugby.  And I wouldn’t have been snuggling with a cute black puppy.

Hmm, but what about the turn of the coin?  If Dave wasn’t in my life, my house would be cleaner.  My food bills would be lower.  I could probably buy more shoes.  That’s really about it.  

Even with the golf in my life now, I definitely wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

This has been a wacky weekend in Guate.  After the volcano eruption, we got caught in a tropical storm yesterday.  It rained all day and we lost power for a while.  But the worst seems to have passed.  We got some painting done and now I’m going to spend some time doing some house projects.  Because golf is on.  And I’m bored.


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