Curiouser and curiouser…

I started this yesterday but failed to finish.  This has been such a wacky weekend in Guatemala- the craziness just seems to keep going.  First, the volcano erupted, then the tropical storm/cyclone/whatever the news is calling it.  THEN a gigantic sink hole opens up in Zone 2!!  It’s so big it looks fake!  But it’s real.  It’s a couple of blocks from the grandmother of one of our teachers.  Apparently a three-story building fell in.  They were talking about it this morning on the news and the newscaster said “what concerns me is that there are no barriers around it,” and almost simultaneously, Dave and I said, “OIG (only in Guatemala).” 

(I will pause here to say I have so many ideas for blogs to write, but I feel like I should really focus on the disasters happening to this country today.  I promise you will be entertained soon, however.)

So this has me thinking- did Guate piss of God or Mother Nature?  Or both?  Or neither.  This is a bizarre triple-whammy!  I mean, the volcano was kind of cool for us in the city and even low in mortality rates.  Trust me, I know that the families who lost people in the eruption aren’t thinking that it’s a great thing, but you can say that many people weren’t hurt, which is good.  The tropical storm, on the other hand, has claimed over 120 lives.  Compared to the earthquake in Haiti, that’s really nothing.  But it’s still a lot of people.  And the sink hole- well, there are rumors floating around that a security guard fell in with the building and even that a pair of brothers were walking down the street and the one in front turned around to find the other brother gone and a huge sink hole behind him.  I’m skeptical of that one because how would something that big happen without you hearing it. 

Still, these are three large disasters that all happened within a few days of each other.  Who’s trying to tell Guate something?  Or is it just a terrible coincidence?

Pray for the victims- many people are without food, water and shelter.  It makes me feel selfish for being happy that I haven’t had school since Thursday.

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