Motivation factor…

Why am I so motivated at school, usually in the middle of a class, to change the world?  But the minute I have free time, I am motivated to check my facebook and email?  I rarely use my prep time to prep anything- it almost feels like an inconvenience (I have to spell check that world every time I write it) to have to use my prep time for actual school work.  But boy howdy, do I have some great ideas for things I want to do while I’m teaching!  Today, for example, in the middle of my first class, all I wanted to do was sit down and plan my entire curriculum for next year!  I wished for nothing more than to run back to my office, grab out my drama books and get to work.

Alas, I have been back in my office for the past 50 minutes and haven’t done anything remotely close to work.  What is wrong with me? 

I spend all day thinking “when I get home…” and filling in the blanks with all sorts of things.  When I get home, I usually watch TV.  Television is the devil.  I am sure of it.  Last night, Dave was gone to golf until almost 7pm and I’m not sure that we spoke more than a few words before going to bed.  That made me sad. 

There are a lot of things going through my mind lately… one in particular that I can’t seem to let go of.  I don’t feel like sharing yet, but I will.

I’ve got to make a chore-chart now.  Seriously.

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