The Paradox of Summer

I enjoy doing nothing but I don’t like being bored.  I have a hard time making plans because I’m always waiting for the last minute to decide if I should be doing something else.  I usually end up doing nothing and then I’m bored.  This is a problem as the summer in Georgia draws to a close- so many people still to see and not enough time.  The hardest thing about time and summer is that I don’t have many teacher-friends.  Most people work during the day, so I have this limited window of time to visit.  A typical day, at least this summer, has been waking up around 8am-ish (sometimes 9am), having breakfast, watching TV, running errands if I can think of any that need to be ran, waiting for someone to come home from work, then going to their house.  It makes the majority of the day feel wasted, though I am NOT complaining about my summer’s-off job!

This summer has been amazing so far.  Last weekend we had a sorority reunion.  Not everyone could make it, but there were a lot of girls I hadn’t seen in 10 years or more there and it was a blast!  We laughed like old times and caught up on each others’ lives.  Of course we ate and drank, but we watched the kids play and the husbands talk sports and it was a bizarre place to be- obviously, we were all adults now, but I think that we all felt 21 for the afternoon.  It’s so amazing to be with a group of people, in this case beautiful and amazing women, who you can share memories with- who have memories that you’ve forgotten or vice versa.  I have never ever regretted or even questioned my decision to join Alpha Gamma Delta, and last weekend only solidified that.

I’ve met up with old friends this summer- friends that I haven’t been able to see or wasn’t in touch with.  Friends with exciting new adventures and “regular” ol’ lives, as they put it.  This always makes me laugh.  I met up with a friend who began an amazing adventure in Australia this year and, about five minutes into the conversation I told her that I wanted her to talk because I was tired of talking about me.  We talked about how our lives are just ‘regular’ lives but in a different place.  Yes, we live in interesting places and get to have different adventures, but we still go grocery shopping and cook dinner and take showers and watch TV.  As my friend in Australia just wrote in her blog, not only is there pressure to only tell the happy stories of our adventures, but it’s also hard to make it exciting every day- because it’s just not.  Your life is exciting, too.

We’ve got a little under two weeks left and we’ll be spending half of that in Philly with Dave’s brother.  I’ve never been to visit them and I really like them, so I’m looking forward to it… but I’m also sad to lose that time here.  It’s that paradox- seeing one person means not seeing another.  And seeing no one leaves me feeling guilty.

Phew, summer’s hard.


One thought on “The Paradox of Summer

  1. Love it, Kelli. So glad that we got to have that conversation (and maybe you got to give your voice a little rest!). Let's plan on having Skype dates – it's great to have a kindred spirit to talk to! Happy adventuring for the rest of the summer.


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