Oh well…

I had something brilliant to tell you, but I forgot what it was.  And it was good.  Maybe you could just imagine that I wrote something fantastic, instead of this meaningless dribble, and comment on that.  That’d be fun.  What do you think I was going to write about today?

I will share with you my shock and amazement at this wee little fact: I can NOT get four kids interested in doing an after-school play.  Nope, not even four.  Last year, I did “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”  There were about 30 kids who showed up to the auditions.  By the time the performance rolled around, I think I still had ten.  This was after a staged mutiny, crying, eloquently worded letters and lots and lots of threats by me and the children.  It turned out to be a good show.  But a bit ambitious thought I, looking back.  So I decided to go with a smaller, less musical show, that only required the dedication of four individuals.  I held auditions last year.  Three kids came.  I tried again this year.  Five kids came.  I cast them all.  Two dropped out after the read-thru.  Now, I have one boy and two girls left and I only need one more boy… An invitation was presented to the whole of the middle school- come to rehearsals today if you’re interested and I would cast that last boy part.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I don’t think anyone will be coming. 

I know I shouldn’t take it personally.  The kids here are strangely over-extended, and most of that seems to happen outside of school. It’s hard to get them involved in anything at school.  Also, middle school is a precarious time and it’s been hard for some of the “Charlie Brown” kids because they’re still being called by their character names.  Charlie Brown, in particular, finds this very upsetting.  I feel for him, I do.  But I just don’t understand how there are not four kids out of 375 who want to be on the stage!  I would be in the show myself if it was a girl part open. 

You think I’m kidding…


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