Following Up…

This is a spin off of my rant from Tuesday… read on if you dare (this is not directed at YOU particularly).

So maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, I wish my mom/dad HAD stood up for me more,” and that’s how you justify your crazy-parent behavior.  Let’s go with that- do you really wish that your mom or dad had run into the school every time you got a bad grade?  Really?  What about if you got a bad grade because you didn’t study?  Do you wish your mom had taken a flying leap across that great big teacher desk to DEMAND that your grade be higher, just because she knew you were smarter than that?  How is that okay?

Here’s another secret- I teach A LOT of smart kids.  These are kids who demonstrate their abilities on a daily basis, both in and out of the classroom.  They work hard, they study, they do their homework without whining.  I also teach smart kids who do the complete opposite… because their parents enable this lazy and entitled behavior.  I can honestly admit that I never would have done any work if I had known that my mom or dad would’ve been at the school fussing at some poor teacher for every bad grade I made, just because they knew I was ‘better than that.’  Well, if I’m better than that (or your kid is better than that), show it.  Do your work.  Hold them accountable.  If they get a bad grade, it’s not because the teacher made that happen.  It’s because your kid did.

I just gave a test and took up journals this week.  A whole bunch of the kids got 105’s (I gave an extra credit question) on their tests and 16+/20 on their journals.  But I will tell you again- those kids who didn’t do well, it makes me as upset as you.  I question if I taught the lessons effectively (which clearly I did if the majority of the kids did well).  But the truth is, I’m afraid of that first parent email demanding to know why their kid didn’t do well.  Because it will happen.  And it shouldn’t.

Ask your kid first.  If they say anything other than “I didn’t study” or “I just didn’t do my work”, they’re probably lying.  Sorry.  It’s true.

(Kelli steps down off her soap box)


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