Deep Breaths…

There are bad people in this world.  There are also unfortunate people.  Everyone has their own problems and I understand that.  I once read a quote that said something to the effect of ‘don’t judge me until you’ve walked in my shoes’ and it’s a very true statement- none of us has any idea what is going on in anyone else’s life/mind/world.  But when those people’s problems start to REALLY effect me, that’s when I have a hard time being sympathetic or empathetic.

Our current situation involves some big mistakes that we made.  I will not place the blame on anyone but us, to be honest.  We were eager to rent out our house before we left for Guatemala again, once we found out our last renter was moving out suddenly.  The good in me met our current renter and thought, “Hey, we can give her a leg up- get her and her family in a good house, a good neighborhood, a good school district…”  So we rented to someone on government assistance.  It’s been bad from the get-go.  And again, there is no one to blame but ourselves.

I just don’t understand how you can lie to someone’s face and then take their money.  I work hard for my money- hell, I work with middle schoolers.  So why does that give you the right to take what is mine?  It doesn’t?  All I tried to do was help you.  And now, I regret it.  Not only do I regret it, but I’m definitely going think twice before every trying to ‘help’ someone again.  Thanks a lot for that.

It’s true that I don’t know what she’s going through.  But I do know that her lies and her stealing, essentially, from a pregnant woman trying to get ready for her own family, is between her and Jesus. 

I hope you get hemorrhoids.

2 thoughts on “Deep Breaths…

  1. Ooh yeah! Cavities and hemorrhoids! Haha! Actually, the gov't check came today so I'm feeling good. And I played the “worst case” scenario and, if she stays the whole time, it's not great but we can survive.


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