An Inconvenient Truth

Something I have noticed since becoming pregnant- besides the fact that people now stare at my belly constantly, which makes me highly uncomfortable as I’ve always been very weight conscious, especially about said area; besides the fact that some people take it a step further and reach out to touch my belly; besides the one teacher who talks directly to my belly every time she passes, but hasn’t actually said hello to me in weeks (“HELLO!  My eyes are up here!” I feel like yelling at her).  Besides these things, which were really to be expected, the biggest change in my life is that suddenly, people don’t seem to be able to talk to me about anything but being pregnant!

Growing this little alien in my tummy has not stopped me from being able to have interesting conversation.  I am acutely aware for 90% of the day that I am pregnant (that 10% happens at those intervals between peeing known as sleep).  I think about it constantly.  I surf websites and message boards, I look at nurseries and bedding, I poke my tummy when she’s kicking and when she’s not.  So when I’m around other people, I want to talk about anything but being pregnant.  People seem to doubt that I can do this, however.

The other night at a school party, friends came to me, asked how I was, told me a story about their friend or relative who was pregnant… and then we stared at each other until they walked away.  These are people I used to discuss celebrity gossip, world events, changes in education, or the latest episode of Glee with.  I can still have those conversations!  I still read Perez Hilton every couple of days and check as much as I used to.  Dave and I watch the news every morning before coming to school.  And I try to keep up with Glee.

The funniest thing about this to me is that I know I have done the exact same thing to my friends when they were pregnant.  I assumed they wanted to talk about being pregnant.  Looking back, they probably didn’t.  At least not all the time.  Because the inconvenient truth is this: it’s not that interesting.  Don’t get me wrong- it’s unbelievably amazing to feel this little girl kicking and punching and to know that I’ll be meeting her, holding her, loving her (more) in four short months.  But right now, truthfully, all I can say about being pregnant is, “Yes, I’m lucky I haven’t been sick/felt bad,” and “She’s kicking and punching,” and “No, I’m still sleeping fine/nothing hurts.”  Oh and “I know I’m supposed to get fat, but I don’t like it.”  And that’s all.

So ask me what I think about Lindsey staying in rehab instead of going to jail or Obama making an “It Gets Better” video.  Or even about the typhoon headed for China.

Ask me anything that doesn’t revolve around pregnancy.  Just maybe not while I’m surfing my baby websites.

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