It’s almost that time…

I really expected to be a lot more ready for National Novel Writing Month which begins in all of three days.  Back in January or February, I made the decision to try and do right by my mother’s faith in my writing and get my novel done by the anniversary of her death (January 10th).  I was going to write in this blog daily- or close to daily- to get me inspired and used to writing again.  In doing that, my creative juices would start flowing and I would, by November, be ready to write the great American novel.

Or at least something novel-length.

But Nanowrimo begins in three days and, honestly, I got nuttin’.  I had a couple of ideas through this year but, after presenting a synopsis and introduction on another writing website- and having them shot down- I’ve abandoned them.  Personally, I’ve been reading Harry Potter for about six weeks now, and these books, while wonderful, haven’t gotten me thinking anything except I wish I’d thought of that.  Which is not helpful.

Last year during Nanowrimo, I wrote 50,000 words about me.  It was meant to be MY story- the actual story of me transforming from who I was (lonely waitress, living in other people’s houses, waiting for something) into who I am (wife, soon-to-be-mother, in love with her job and life).  But it was too personal and I wasn’t ready.  I just ended up piecing together the funnier stories of life overseas…  I tried to fictionalize some parts to make it feel less intrusive.  It didn’t really work.  I haven’t even looked at it since October 31st of last year.  It probably stinks (Nanowrimo doesn’t put pressure on you to write well– they just want you to reach the 50,000 mark).  But I had an idea and I was able to sit down almost every day and pound out the 1667 words I needed, usually with little effort.

Monday is November 1st.  I have no idea what I’m going to write.  But I WILL complete this task again, even if it doesn’t make my mom as proud as I meant it to.

Maybe it’s just still not time…

P.S. November 1st is also the beginning of Movember – It’s a good thing I will hopefully be really busy writing because there will not be a lot of smooching in the Horner house for the next month if this picture (from last year) is any indication of what’s to come.


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