Thoughts to think…

“Your book is going to be successful.”

Seven years ago, in the summer between the Dominican Republic and Kuwait, Kendra came to visit me.  We drove down to Savannah to visit my friend Rachel and decided, while wandering River Street one hot July day, to visit a psychic.  We were, after all, both moving to new places- me to Kuwait and Kendra to Turkey.  And it was Savannah, after all- I can’t think of a better place to visit a psychic than the ghost-filled, magnolia-lined streets of Savannah, GA.  And, after seeing a small sign hanging in an alley way, pointing up some dark, narrow stone stairs, we had to go.

I wrote down all the things she told me, just to see if they would come true.  Here are a few that did:

– You will marry someone who is the complete opposite of who you see yourself with (um, yes.  Me and a PE teacher?  Really?)
– He will be kind, honest, and faithful (also, yes).
– You will travel more (well, that’s a given and kind of generic, but true).

Then there were these- we’ll see if they come true:

– You will have 3 kids, one single and twins (I’ve got the single…)
–  You will be financially successful later in life

Then she said this, causing my head to snap up and putting me on high alert:

– Your book is going to be successful.

Okay, I thought.  You could probably say that to every other person… maybe.  Many people fancy themselves writers so maybe it was just a lucky guess.  But then, less than a year later, I met a woman who read palms.  She was an art teacher at one of the schools in the Middle East and, once everyone found out what she did, we all wanted a reading.  She said someone named Peter was or would be very important to me.  That hasn’t happened.

But then she said:

– Write your book.

She went even farther and said that I needed to write it before I was 40 because I was going to get arthritis.  She also said that it would be successful and I would benefit financially from it.

No pressure, huh?  I don’t even know what this book is about.  Kendra never told me what the psychic told her.  I wonder if her stuff came true…?

When I remember these two events, it always makes me want to write.  I guess writing here is as good of a start as any…


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