That’s Me in the Corner…

I can admit, without embarrassed, that I love “Ghost Whisperer.”  Even though I hate Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Even though Jennifer cries just a little too much and her wardrobe is just a little too slutty.  Even though there have been some ridiculous situations- i.e. her husband dies but gets into another body and her very creepy son was five years old mere minutes after his birth- I can look past these things and admit that I like the show. 

One thing that the writers, and Melinda Gordon, advocate for in the show is that babies and young children can all see ghosts.  They all have ‘the gift,’ which enables them to be open to the spirits that watch over us.  Since losing my mother and having a baby, I have to wonder if this is true.  Rory stares- a lot- at the corner in our room.  I know babies like contrast, but there’s no contrast in that corner.  It’s a blue wall- a light blue wall, at that.  There is a curtain that stops near the corner, but I’ve followed her gaze as best I can and she doesn’t seem to be looking at the curtain/wall combo… just the wall.  

A girl on a message board I’m a member of said she was home alone with her daughter one evening and he was staring at the wall over her shoulder as she changed him, wide-eyed.  Suddenly, the picture on the wall behind her fell to the ground.  The nail was still in the wall and nothing was broken on the frame.  It happened again later that night.  She was, admittedly, freaked out.

Does Rory see my mom hanging out in the corner?  Or even my grandmother or one of my grandfather’s?  On one level, it creeps me out that my mom might just be chilling in a corner of my bedroom.  On the other, it’d be nice to know that someone was watching over all of us. 

6 thoughts on “That’s Me in the Corner…

  1. You know, they say animals can see ghosts/angels, and I believe that too. We have had someone who plays with our cats since we got them…I know it sounds insane, but it's true! They will stare at the wall and then chase some imaginary person or toy back and forth. And the funny thing is BOTH of them look in the same spot!

    I think it's perfectly feasible that your Mom is watching over you guys. And I'm sure that Rory can, if nothing else, sense her presence. You know I've never been overly religious, but I do believe in God and Heaven, and I think our loved ones watch out for us all the time, our own Patron Saints if you will. Miss you Kelli! Love that baby of yours, she is adorable!!!


  2. I think the more important question is… Why is your mom hanging out in the corner when there is a perfectly good sofa in front of a perfectly good tv downstairs?


  3. Shannon is hilarious.

    Yes, I know Cotton saw Al's mom at least once. I was feeding him in the nursery and I felt a presence, and he looked up over my shoulder and let loose of the bottle and started smiling – at nothing. And now he smiles at the picture of her like he has known her forever. He sees a lot of pictures but he acts very different around pics of Linda. It seems to have faded a little now that he is a bit older and more interested in the here and now, but I totally think they can see things we can't. They are still so innocent and not quite adjusted to the physical life.

    PS I love Ghost Whisperer too!! And I totally agree with the cheese and the Jennifer Love Hewitt conundrum.


  4. YES! Addy constantly stares at the corner in our living room where we keep my bf's dad's flag and bullets from his veterans funeral. she stares and smiles and completely ignores me when i ask her what she's looking at. i'm sure its her grandfather.


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