The Juices are Flowing

My self-imposed Creativity Bootcamp is actually working.  I find myself looking forward to seeing what photograph I need to take and what I need to write for the day.  It is already part of my routine, which is what I want to help me get ready for Nanowrimo.  I also feel more inspired to be crafty every day, even if it’s just cooking or working on Dave’s Christmas sweater.  Yay for me and yay for creativity.

Now if only I could motivate myself to do a 30 day exercise program.  That would be helpful.


One thought on “The Juices are Flowing

  1. Kelli! I didn't know you did NaNoWriMo. i dunno if i'll be able to this year with a kid and all but that's probably just an excuse. i tried in 08, won in 09, and tried again in 2010. and i just made a website to try and keep all my blogging/writing in one place so of course that would be more motiviation to write and be creative. but yay for you!!!


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