We’re Those People

Well, it’s official- we’ve gone mobile.  It’s technically been official for a while- the Lady Bug has been crawling around the house for a month now.  It’s adorable and sweet and… exhausting!

I used to babysit for some rather adorable twin girls some years ago (enough years that they are both in middle school now and I feel like a granny).  I remember when they went mobile- it was my least favorite time in life, especially since there were two of them.  I swear they planned it all out- I could almost catch the knowing looks and little baby high-fives as they plotted and then made their move.  One would head towards the stairs that led up and the other would head for the stairs that led down, simultaneously.  The only good thing was the the stairs were beside each other, so I could scoop up the one who was going to tumble head-first into the basement, then the one who was clearly going to topple over backwards as she climbed up, in one fell swoop. 

This lasted one day exactly- because they seemed to go from stationary to mobile in one day.  The next day I arrived, there was a baby gate installed.  I can’t remember if there was one on the stairs going up- it was a split-level home and there were only three or four stairs- but there was definitely a gate on the stairs going down and that made my life a little easier.

I said A LITTLE.  It’s still thoroughly exhausting chasing babies around all day.  Two is definitely harder than one, but one is nothing to shake a stick at.  This summer, some friends came to visit and brought their then 9 month old.  He was at that stage- crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, walking if he was pushing something.  I don’t recall seeing the two of them sit down together at the same time until after his bedtime each night!  It looked tiring.  I secretly laughed because the Lady Bug still just stayed where you put her.

Not anymore.  We are “those parents” now.  One of us is constantly chasing that little bug around the house.  We’ve set up perimeters in the living room which allow for only one exit and even then, she gets by us sometimes!  And now, she’s started pulling up.  It literally started this weekend.  I put her on the floor to play while I picked our her clothes for the day and turned around she had pushed herself up on a stool.  I did a double-take thinking, Does she do this?  Did I put her like that?  Since then, she’s pulled up on the coffee table, climbed on said stool and started standing in her bed.

It’s adorable.  It’s absolutely amazing to watch this little bug grow and develop and I love every momentous occasion. 

But dang, I’m tired already!


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