The end draws nigh…

The official countdown is on- 48 days left in Guatemala.  The last bit of our time in a country seems to fly and drag, all at the same time.  Three years later… wow.  Being able to break the majority of my adult life into sections makes it seem to have passed so quickly.  It has and it hasn’t, just like these last six weeks will.  There’s so much to do in such a short time, but at the same time, I’m always so eager to finish the school year, get home, relax with family and friends, and start a new adventure.  As always, it is bitter and sweet.

But thinking about it, let’s take it back to my high school graduation in1996- June, to be precise.  Since then, I:

  • Spent 4 years in college, arguably something I would do again in a heartbeat, as long as the same exact people lived there with me.
  • Waitress-ed in a roadhouse for 1 1/2 years, making my father extraordinarily proud of the money he spent on my Bachelor of Music Education.  I argue that it was my “gap year”… instead of backpacking across Europe (which, admittedly, I never would’ve done anyway), I was serving beer and sweeping up peanuts in Suburbia, GA.  In case you’re wondering, I would NOT do this again unless absolutely necessary.
  • Taught 2nd-5th graders in the Dominican Republic.  It was the adventure that changed my life and I most definitely would do it again, just to ensure I ended up here.  But it was really freaking hot.
  • Taught 6th-12th graders music, guitar, and drama in Kuwait.  Wait.  I take back the ‘hot’ part of the aforementioned D.R.  Kuwait was HOT.  But it was a dry heat… I loved my job and I loved my kids.  I met my husband.   I got two dogs.  
  • Taught PreK-4th graders in Shanghai.  There are a few people I love from there, and I know that being there has lead me here.  But I wouldn’t go back.  I did not love China.  It was not very Raven.
  • And now… three years in Guatemala.  People actually came to visit us here.  We made some amazing friends, saw a very beautiful part of the world, I lost my momma, and… there’s something I’m forgetting.  Hmmm… oh yeah!  My little Ladybug and her little sister, Beansprout (due to arrive in September) came along.  How could I forget that (I didn’t really.  I’m just teasing you guys…)?
  • Next: Bahrain.  And eventually a retirement home in Sri Lanka.  According to mi esposo.

It’s strange to see  16 years of life laid out so simply.  It’s not simple, though.  It’s been magical.  It’s been amazing and unbelievable and frustrating and exciting.  It’s been laughable and infuriating. 

And I sure as hell wouldn’t change a minute.


One thought on “The end draws nigh…

  1. I would do college all over again if you were there too, Kelli. I see how you forgot to mention our love affairs with various INSYNC members… Oh well, I suppose somethings are just too personal for the history books. However, you are still the best VP in the whole world. -Forever Yours, Princess Smushyhead


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