And on and on and on…

We’re back to Square 3.78 with the dogs.  Continental Cargo, as I originally suspected, can’t fly Bay’s crate on the 2nd leg of the journey because they don’t run any planes big enough from Houston to Atlanta.  Actually, the say they can only fit two medium crates or one large crate total.  We have a medium and extra large. 

So now I’ve emailed Jessica from Delta.  It’s not Friday, so I hope she’s not quite as busy as she was last time.

I’m really starting to consider setting the dogs free.  Just kidding.  Or am I?

I thought I’d include another fantastic, OIG-tastic adventure for your enjoyment.  I just received a package from my lovely, beautiful Sissy-Pie.  She sent me some prenatal vitamins, of the gummy variety, some delicioso grits, of all varieties, a new outfit and some bath toys for the Lady Bug.  Do you know when she sent it?  Well, it’s May… I think she mailed it in February.  Possibly March. 

Let me tell you why it just got here.  My friend L has a Miami address that we use to get stuff to Guatemala.  It means that when we get stuff shipped, instead of paying international rates for shipping and then just crossing our fingers that the ineffective mail system of Guate will actually deliver the item, we pay a company to ENSURE that the item gets here.

After waiting what seemed like a ridiculous amount of time for a package of her own, L called the company and was told, “It’ll be there this week.”  This went on for three to four weeks.  She was told she had four packages waiting.  They’ll all be there this week.

They weren’t.  It took no less than five phone calls to figure out that her account was actually closed because she hadn’t paid the $15 annual fee… that she had never paid before and knew nothing of.  So she paid it.  And three packages arrived almost immediately. 

None of them were mine.

For reasons unknown, my package took another three weeks to arrive.

Because it’s Guatemala.  And that’s just how we roll. 


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