Hasta Nunca…

… well, not yet.  We have 19 days left in Guatemala.  It’s exciting and sad.  Mostly exciting.  But a little bit sad.  It’s hard to be sad at the end of a year, or even a contract, because you’re used to leaving and going home (or on vacation to wherever) anyway, so it doesn’t really seem like anything is different until August.  Right now, I’m very excited to get home to GA and see my family and friends.  I want to take the Lady Bug swimming, let her play in the parks, run with her cousins and just be outside, safely, in general.  Seeing my dad and sister and best friends is high on my list of things to do.  Dave just wants to eat and buy stuff.

As with every place I’ve been, there are things about Guate that I will miss and things that I won’t.  I shall now proceed to regal you with that list.

Things I Will Miss:

  • The Typico Breakfast- scrambled eggs (simple, please), refried black beans with cheese, fried plantains and bread (I pass on the tortillas- not a fan)
  • The amazingly beautiful weather- blue skies, big white fluffy clouds
  • VIP Movies at Oakland Mall
  • The friendliness of the local people
  • Antigua and it’s freedom
  • How cheap it is to get stuff hemmed, altered, or dry cleaned
  • The excitement of the finding something you needed at the grocery store
  • “Pase adelante!” and “Que tiene un buen vieje!”  
  • The adorableness of my 7th grade girls
  • My big, giant house with a yard for the dogs
  • The fact that my mechanic will not only come pick up my car but bring it back to me when he’s done 
  • And of course, the friends that I’ve made here

Things I Will NOT Miss (this list might be longer than the first one):

  • “Fijese que…” (translates to something close to “I’m sorry, but…”- it’s like nails on a chalkboard!)
  • The complete lack of understanding of cause and effect by many of the people of this country- or maybe they understand but they just don’t give a rat’s ass
  •  Lack of personal space
  • The lack of safety in the city
  • The lack of outside spaces where I can take my child
  • The fact that the Lady Bug probably thinks the only two places that exist in the world are our house and the grocery store
  • The frustration of not being able to find what you need at the grocery store
  • Gringo prices in the markets
  • Being constantly in fear for your life as you drive down any major road- praying you don’t get eaten up by a chicken bus
  • How long it takes to get anything done

Hey, that second list wasn’t so bad.  I might add more as I think of it through the day.  Or maybe not.  We’ll see.

On Saturday, we’re going here .  I’m very excited, for me and the Lady Bug.  It’s going to be awesome.  I think.


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