Just to prove one of my points from yesterdays post (WHAT- I posted two days in a row???), Dave and I went to the grocery store last night for some, well, groceries.  Shocking, I know.  I needed peanut butter because, through both of my pregnancies, it has served as a constant happiness in my life, especially for breakfast.  And also because I found two recipes that called for peanut butter and we were almost out. 

Guess what?  No peanut butter.  Well, that’s not true.  There was mani spread.  Um.  No thanks.  There was also no mac and cheese, save the generic kind and I’m sorry, there is nothing in the world, not even the impending zombie apocalypse that will make me eat generic mac and cheese.  What?  All that’s left in the world is generic mac and cheese or becoming a zombie and feasting on brains?  Brains, please!

Disappointing, but not shocking.  The mac and cheese, especially.  It’s a good, good day when you can find it at the first store you go to.  The peanut butter was a little more unsettling, and I proceeded to grumble through the next few aisles, until I found the cubed cheese I was looking for, and then I felt slightly better.

So then, we round the corner to the frozen food aisle.  When we first arrived, there was not really an ‘aisle’ to speak of.  Frozen food consisted of ice cream, ice cream products and pupusas (picture included)… which I can’t imagine eating from frozen.  This section has grown by leaps and bounds in the last three years and it seems like there is always something new (hear me now- do NOT take your frozen food aisle(s) for granted!).  Yesterday, it was a full chicken pot pie, already prepared, ready for the oven (only a measly $10).  Dave LOVES anything savory with the word pie in it so he was immediately over the moon.  Right beside the pie was pie pastry AND a fully prepared pie crust!  Seriously, these things have been on countless grocery lists through the last three years and they have rarely been found.  It was like Christmas in May! 

Except we don’t need them because we’re leaving in less than three weeks.  And Dave knows how to make pie pastry now.  And they were all around $10.  Which is absurd.

Such is the life of an expat.  It’s really more of a first-world problem that I can’t find peanut butter and mac and cheese… but it’s still a problem.  And I will complain because it’s my blog.

To quote my beloved husband, “I hate this country.” 


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