Ch-ch-ch-changes (PT. 1)

Obviously, I’ve taken a summer hiatus.  We don’t have internet (or phone, for that matter) while we’re in the States and though I have the BEST SISSY IN THE WORLD and she loaned us her iPad for the summer, it’s not ideal for blogging.  So now, some months after the last entry- was it May?- I’m back and I shall proceed to catch you up on the comings and goings of us.

When last we met our heroic blogger, I believe we found her in the throws of just trying to get the damn dogs out of Guatemala.  It seems like the OIG curse followed us home, however.  We tried to get the dogs the night we arrived and were told there was a hold-up with customs and we would have to come back and get them the next day.  Both of us started wondering if they suspected we were transporting drugs in the dogs and, without knowing it, we both suspected they were possibly going to destroy the dogs.

Lucky us, that wasn’t the problem.  The problem was Dave.  He goes in and out of the US a little too often for the liking of the customs people.  I think they really thought they had caught someone.  We were taken into an interrogation room, asked why he’s coming in so often, where we got married, and what we were doing here now.  We explained that we were teachers and came for visits at Christmas and in the summers, the same as we did in England.  One of the officers says, “Well, you should’ve applied for a fiance visa… but I guess since you’re technically married…”  Technically?  TECHNICALLY?  We’ve been married for four years and I was OBVIOUSLY carrying his child.  It’s a little more than a technical marriage, bub.

I didn’t say that, in case you were wondering.

Then we got asked why we were bringing the dogs this time.  I guess they had to tie it in to the reason we were supposed to be there in the first place.  We explained we were moving to Bahrain and… that was that.  Apparently they were satisfied.  They suggested Dave get an immigration lawyer and start some sort of paperwork, though they couldn’t be sure what he needed exactly.

Day 1- welcome home.

The rest of the summer was more stressful than usual.  There was lots of paperwork to get done for the dogs, doctor’s appointments to go to for the dogs, official papers to get signed and stamped for the dogs, and various reservations to be made for the dogs.  We actually had very little to do for the human aspect of our family.  The dogs were a completely different story.  Let me save a little time and just say that I spent so much time at the vet that I took them homemade cookies at one point for all their help.

The ladybug had a great summer playing with her cousins and friends, as did her mom and dad.  Dave played some golf and poker, I sat on the couch and got bigger, we all went swimming, visited the Philly side of the family, jumped in the bouncy castle and generally had a blast.  It went too quickly and, as always, I feel like I didn’t spend nearly enough time with my loved ones.

And as our time to leave neared, guess what happened?  Yep, the dang dogs again!  We were supposed to be shipping them before we left for England and it just didn’t come together.  We had to leave them at a kennel so THE BEST SISSY IN THE WORLD could get them on a plane when all the paperwork from Bahrain was ready.  And she did that.  And she’s awesome and amazing and we owe her so much.  But it was just another headache no one needed.

You probably want to take a break now, maybe for the bathroom or some water…?  I’ll continue in part two…


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