Part 2- read me second

So then we went to England.  It was kind of cold but we loved it.  The Ladybug got to go out for walks to the park or to town or to any number of fun places almost every day.  We went to a huge petting zoo, the swimming pool, an amusement park especially for kiddos her age.  It was pretty fantastic.  She loved being able to walk out the back door and play with the ball or swing herself around the laundry line pole.  I loved having two extra sets of hands on board to watch and amuse her.  It was good, good fun and it also went too quickly.

But now we’re in Bahrain.  In less than a week, we’ve mostly settled in.  It’s hot as the hottest thing you can think of but it’s been really good so far.  There are a few admin and teachers who have already returned, though most won’t get here for another few days.  The school is AH-MAZING and gives you just about everything you need to play house for a couple of months until you can buy it yourself (i.e. coffee pots, dishes, towels, pots and pans, etc).  They even had a crib waiting for the Ladybug with a little toy and blanket in it!  I was not expecting that at all.  It was a very nice how-do-you-do.

The school is on the back side of our house, meaning we have a five minute walk there and back.  Dave has gone over almost every day to swim or use the gym.  The Ladybug has gone with him and loves the fact that they have a baby pool that she can walk down into.  Dave has an actual gym with an actual office.  I have my own HUGE classroom (two of them actually), with an office and a practice room.  Dave has already joined the golf club and is very happy about it.  I’ve found a doctor for me and have recommendations for a kiddo doctor.  There’s so much STUFF here… it’s nice to be living a first-world life again.

There will be many pictures and stories to come.  It’s currently Ramadan and though I think I’m technically exempt from fasting, it feels rude to eat or drink in public so I’ve had a few bad moments when I’ve gone just a tad too long without food or drink.  I have to keep remembering to take water with me in the car and sneak a drink here and there.  It’s not for much longer, though…

And alas, I’m tired.  Thanks for reading if you got this far.  I’m not gonna promise I’ll write more, but I’m gonna try to promise.  We’ll just see what happens 🙂


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