Six of one…?

Because at some point down the line this post will amuse me to no end, I’m now going to do a comparison of LIFE IN GUATEMALA vs. LIFE IN BAHRAIN (as experienced in two and a half weeks).

Inevitably, once you’ve been gone from a place long enough, you seem to forget the worst parts… well, that might not be true.  I guess it depends on where you were and how worst those parts really were.  For example, when we were job-hunting, I was very, VERY hesitant about going to India because the director was telling us about the pollution, the mass quantities of people and the smells, which were all things I hated about Shanghai.  I remembered those things.  But when I talk to others about life in Shanghai, especially after living in the Guat, I am also able to remember how nice it was to feel safe when walking down the street, the ease of getting the most amazing massages, the delicious food and the friends I made.

So it stands to reason that in a few months I will be able to look back quite fondly at my life in Guatemala.  Okay, wait.  I’m not presently looking at my life in Guatemala with disdain.  There was a lot of good and, honestly, I enjoyed it there for the most part.  Like any place, it had its’ downs to go with the ups, but I can admit that the ups and downs were fairly close in number.  I didn’t hate Guatemala… but it was not always easy.  What place is, though?

Two weeks into life in Bahrain and we’re pretty happy.  It’s only been two weeks though, and we haven’t met the returning staff or any students or done much more than shop and be orientated.  Which is another reason that this post could make me chuckle a bit down the road.  All of my warm-fuzzies towards Bahrain are indicative of that newbie experience; moving to a new place is exciting.  Especially a place that seems to take such good care of its’ faculty.

There’s every possibility that it’s all just a front… I don’t think so, but it could happen.

So anyway, here is my comparison post based on SO FAR.  If any of this changes, you don’t need to throw it in my face.

GUATEMALA                   VS.                 BAHRAIN
Beautiful weather                                        So very, very hot… and humid
Not so safe                                                  Very safe for walking and playing outside
Small neighborhood with nothing to           Huge neighborhood with pool, golf course and soon,                    do                                                                  grocery store
Hard to find certain items                            This is not  a problem so far
Difficult to order take-out w/o Spanish        WAY too easy to order take-out… there’s a hotline
Giant, beautiful campus                                Smallish campus
Huge faculty                                                 Small, close-knit faculty
Driving=death wish                                      Driving=death wish
Gas= $5.00 a gallon                                     Gas= $10 to fill the tank (be jealous)
Friendly, kind locals                                     Friendly, kind locals
No real families, especially with kids           Lots of families with kids (yay for Mommy friends!)

And that’s kind of where we stand so far.  I was going to write something about friends, but it’s too early to know who we’ll be friends with.  Some very good friends were made in Guatemala and I hope that will be the case here, too.

Like I said, only time will tell what life in Bahrain brings.  Ideally, we’d like to be here for a while… if only to not have to move again 🙂  Fingers crossed, this is a place the H’s can call home for a good long time.


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