Must Love Kids…

I’m back at work which, surprisingly, gives me more time to write.

That’s something to think about there.

The Sprout is 2 months today.  She’s started smiling for real, not just with gas, and cooing a bit.  Right now, she seems to like her dad a lot more than me, but that’s okay.  The Ladybug has been an exceptional big sister, if only by not hitting, sitting on, or stepping on Sprout too often.  She’s not really concerned with her and only refers to her- by pointing and saying, “Baby”- if Sprout is crying.  Sometimes she asks to hold her but she doesn’t seem to know what to do with her once she’s got her.  It’s pretty cute to watch.

To catch you up on our life since last month… well, stick this in the First World Problems category.  There is no real day care here and school doesn’t start for the kiddos until age three.  One must have a nanny.  We hired a nanny- it was an impulse hire by me in a very desperate situation; it was Friday and school started on Sunday.  To be fair to myself and Nanny J, I did honestly like her.  I thought she displayed some strength and gumption and a little figure-it-out-myselfness that a lot of nannies and housemaids that I’ve met don’t have.  I told Dave, “I like her because I think that if I’m trying to hold the Sprout and the Ladybug is jumping on me, she’ll come get the Ladybug and redirect her attention, without me really having to ask.”

I could not have been more wrong.  Looking back, I don’t think Nanny J liked us much from the get-go.  I think she just needed a job.  She seemed tired and bored and I’m guessing she would’ve been much happier just plunking the Ladybug down in front of the TV for the whole day, rather than playing with her or going for walks.  She wasn’t openly hostile, but she definitely was not receptive to my ‘suggestions’ of how I wanted things done.  And if I was downstairs, she would kind of tune out- I was left to wrestle a feisty 19 month old while trying to feed a newborn.

*I shall pause her to insert- FWP.  I know that most people HAVE to do that after the 2nd baby is born.  But the fact is- I was paying someone so I didn’t have to do that.  I’m just saying.*

Anywho… after she fed the Ladybug moldy blueberries that kept her throwing up all night; after I got an email from a neighbor saying that the Ladybug was running in the street while Nanny J walked and chatted with her friend; after watching her leave the Ladybug at the table to eat crayons while she fed the Sprout and watched cooking shows… I was done.  And apparently so was she.

I will preface the next paragraph by saying I didn’t accuse her of stealing, but she thought I did.  She was very defensive and evasive about the whole situation which leads me to believe it’s possible she did steal from us.  In the end, however, she was let go because she texted me fifteen minutes AFTER she was supposed to be at my house to say she wasn’t coming for the next two days.  I responded by saying that she didn’t need to come for any more days.

And now we have Nanny L and she’s amazing!  She’s sweet and kind and asks me how I want things done.  The Ladybug likes her and I feel safe with her in my home.  She’s also a live-in which means she’s there if we need her AND she always cleans up after dinner, which is not in her job description but I’m not going to stop her! 

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