Here’s to a New Year

I’ve heard it said that whatever you do on New Year’s Day will be the way you spend the year.  I’m okay with that.  Today, I loved on my family, tidied a bit (yes, we took down the Christmas tree which was sad but also good because the living room looks a little less cluttered and that makes me happy), loved on my family some more, worked out, ate well, went for a walk, visited with friends, wrote and now I intend to go hang out with my husband on the couch.

That would be a pretty good way to spend a year.

I don’t have any real expectations for 2013.  That’s nice and not nice.  After my sister left Bahrain last week, I realized that it’s a long time before there’s ‘something to look forward to’ again.  My birthday is next week but I don’t really have anything planned yet… and I’m not sure how excited I am about turning 29… for the sixth time.  I think we have a few days off from school hither and thither but I don’t actually mind working so it’s not that big of a deal.  The Ladybug is turning two in March- and I am excited to have a birthday party for her with actual kids in attendance.  The in-laws are coming at the end of March but that’s a long way off yet…


There’s quite a lot in there to look forward to, huh?  I guess I was just missing my sister when that thought ran through my mind.

On that note, Happy New Year.  I hope it’s good for you.

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