So Here’s the Thing…

See, the thing about writing is that it’s kind of hard and it’s super personal.  And because there are a billion bloggers out there who are funny and witty and sassy and crafty and spiritual and have kids and don’t have kids and cook amazing things and take amazing pictures and draw amazing illustrations and travel (with amazing experiences) and just make you want to be them in general (Bre Writes, as an example), writing is also a very pressure-filled sport.

Based on the (grammatically incorrect) list of qualifications above, I actually should have about a thrillion followers… give or take.  I’m kind of funny- well, I’ve been known to tell a good story.  I’m definitely sassy- that cannot be denied.  I’m crafty in that I knit and pin A LOT of crafty things to do from pinterest… and I’ve even attempted one or two, with minimal to great success.  I’m spiritual but I don’t flaunt it- it’s not really your business.  I have kids, one who is 2 1/2 which automatically makes her hysterical.  I cook okay- it’s usually edible and I have a fancy camera that allows me to take pretty good pictures sometimes… though never of the things I cook because: 1. I don’t think you care. 2. I doubt, when I’m 90 and looking back through my life, I’m going to get all sniffly-sentimental over that pot of homemade mac-and-cheese I made that one time in 2013. 3. Food photography is actually kind of hard.  Kudos to those who make the stuff they make actually look good.

I do not draw- no way, no how.  I have absolutely no talent for the visual arts.  I am still traumatized by an experience in middle school art where we had to make a lithograph.  The kid next to me who, admittedly, is some sort of artist now (he just did some body paint on this model for a famous rapper-video and it was fantastic), basically carved out his own version of Starry Night or something.  I carved something that looked like this… well no, I carved this:

It makes me appreciate the teachers who are still allowed to grade on effort- that literally was the best I could do- rather than talent (why was there grass on the sign- because that’s a guy holding a sign, in case you weren’t sure… but really middle-school Kelli… grass?).  

So no drawing.  Don’t ask.  But I travel.  I have lived in some incredible places and traveled to some even more incredible places.  I have met an abundance of unbelievable people who all have beautiful and heart-breaking stories to tell.  I have worried about friends who have been through political uprisings, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, more political uprisings, evacuations and the like.

It stands to reason I’d have something to say… 


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