Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I am officially a three-time winner of Nanowrimo!

Nano has gotten some bad wrap on the Internets this year.  People who consider themselves to be ‘real’ writers are poking fun at those people who set out to write an arbitrary amount of words in a month, which really signifies nothing.  Well, for those of us who also consider ourselves writers but have struggled to find the time, I view Nano as a challenge to get me back in front of the computer.

And now that it’s done, I’m going to set myself a new set of challenges.

For the month of December, I’m going to do four things:

1. Log 50 miles of walking/running before January 1st, 2014
2. A photo-a-day challenge (Day 1- Red: done)
3. Write every day- be it a random prompt, a blog post, or working on my editing/revision
4. Set out to revise/edit one chapter of the book I just wrote a month

The last one excites me the most.  With the last two books, the task of editing 50,000 words has been too great.  But this novel was written as a set of intertwined short stories, so taking it a chapter at a time will not be such a huge thing to do.  There are 12 stories right now.  That gives me a year.  Perhaps it will prove easier and I will be done before that- I hope but will not push.  I want to see my family again.  I want to enjoy the process of really getting something ready to publish.

So hey, look at me.  I wrote.  I’m off to a great start- two of the four things done.  Man, I’m good at this!

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