I’m Looking for Someone to Share in an Adventure…

Prompt: I would/would not move to another country after this.

It’s funny you should ask- the Rugby Star and I have been discussing this very matter recently.  In the world of international teaching, you move.  It’s just what you do.  You’re hard-pressed to find expats who have been at a school for five or more years, unless it’s just an awesome, awesome Disneyland of a school.  Most of us, we stay three to four years (if not less) and then pack our bags for greener… or desert-ier pastures.

Me and Cuthin then…

But ever since the Ladybug and then the Sprout came along, this momma has been wanting to go home.  I have the most wonderful best friend of a cousin- he’s three months younger than me and I love him dearly.  We have been together since, well, he was born.  We do not agree on anything… at all.  We don’t talk politics, we don’t talk religion, and we don’t talk ‘Merica.  We know better.  We do tell funny stories about climbing trees at Mimi’s house, exploring the woods behind the stables, riding mini-bikes in the front yard, and our weird step-grandfather who decided that we couldn’t sleep in the same room because he didn’t know what we’d ‘get up to in there.’   Um.  Ewww.

This is Cuthin now and our Mini-Me’s

I grew up with Cuthin (that’s cousin with a lisp- because being mean little kids, we used to make fun of littlest cuthin for having a lisp- then it stuck) and his little brothers.  And they were the best toys ever.  And I want the Ladybug and Sprout to be best cuthins with their cuthins.  I want them to know their grandparents and aunts and uncles.  I want them to know and be friends with the three kiddos of BFF.

More than anything, I want them to have a HOME.  Because GA is home.  GA is where my sister and my dad live; where Cuthin and his wife (BFF with two kids) are; it’s the place I love to be.  It’s the place I want to end up. 

So we started discussing it- when to move home.  When we moved to Bahrain, we hoped that this would be a long-lasting, temporary home- a place we could stay for five-to-ten years.  As of now, that’s still a possibility.  But the RS started talking about getting his PhD and going home in 2020.  While that seems like a ridiculously futuristic number, it’s not.  It’s six years from now.

At first, I smiled.  Then I panicked.  Six years?  SIX YEARS?!  How can I see all the rest of the world in six years?  If we’re going home in six years, we have to decide if we want to stay here for those six years or start looking for a new place.  Is Bahrain it?  Are we really done with international teaching after this?  This is our life, all that we know as a couple, as a family.  What will we do when we go home?  Will we be able to get jobs?  What kind of jobs? Will our kids be weird and obnoxious because they’ve traveled?  Will I be able to make new friends?  Will we have money?  We’ll have to pay regular prices for gas again… oh the inhumanity!!

Moving is scary but it’s such an adventure.  I love the thrill of each new country, each new school.  Who will we meet?  What fun things will we do?  Will we love it?  Will we hate it?   Moving home will involve a lot of trips to Target… which can be an adventure (how much money will I spend, what cute clothes will I buy, how much time will I waste)… but it’s not quite the same.

The short answer to your question is yes, we will move to another country after this.  And even if it’s back home, it will probably feel pretty foreign for a while. 

10 thoughts on “I’m Looking for Someone to Share in an Adventure…

  1. You and your cuthin are just adorable. I can't get over the cuteness of the pictures. Expecially, when the mini-me's are added in. You just blew my mind, 2020, does sound incredibly futuristic & yet it is only 6 years away? Wow!


  2. 2020 is six years from now … say what?!? You know, I think it will be hard for you to move back to Georgia. Hard, and great, and full of love, and frustrations. It's gonna be so many things, but the pull of family can't be denied. We may just end up there, too. All of my family is still there, and randomly enough, Partner-in-Crime has quite a lot of family – Bosnian refugees – in Gwinnett. Our weird kids can hang out together.


  3. Oh lovely Target. I believe I could write an ode if I wanted. It is really terrifying but comforting to thing of moving home… like cleaning my house, I'll give it to God 😉


  4. Yay! Other weird kids to play with 🙂 It is so scary to think of being home- it seems rather permanent… but every time I'm home, that's what I really want. But when I'm not home, I'm not sure. If I move back, I want you to move back. Can we make that deal 😉


  5. so very well said. i get so excited to go home so that our kids can play with their cousins spend time with my sister and their grandparents. it is such a hard – it is the only hard thing – about being abroad for me. and so sometimes i think maybe we've done this for long enough, maybe it's time to go home. and then i panic. but we haven't even scratched the surface of what i want to see. not even close. oh well, and the merry-go-round goes round.


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