Smile for the Camera!

Day 10: A Day in Photos

I forgot to take a picture this morning, but we eat breakfast together before heading to school.
The Ladybug was cold yesterday, hence the mittens with her Cheerios.

This is my office.  I spent nearly all of my free time here today.

This is part of my classroom.  I have been so busy lately that I barely leave this room.
Good thing I like it.

This was my walk home today.  I left early because I needed to run some errands.
Usually I get home around 4:30 and I am lucky enough to be greeted by a Ladybug running down the street towards me, screaming, “Mom!”  Best part of every day. 

The outside of our house.
Today I tried to sneak to the car because if I go in,
it’s really hard to get out…

… but I heard the Sprout crying so I went in to check.
She was just being a pickle.  I was rewarded by this face.

Today I drove out to Saar to pick up our tickets for our Valentine’s Day date.
I’ve never been to this club before-
it’s MUCH nicer on the inside than the outside
(we’re going to see a Michael Buble impersonator).

Then I went to the craft-cum-equestrian shop.
Oh yes, that’s right- literally half of the store is arts and crafts supplies,
the other half is saddles and riding crops and leather.  It makes me laugh.

This is our neighborhood convenience store.
I am literally here every day- usually for milk.
Today it was bread.

For your amusement, this is the pork section.
It is a separate area of the store and clearly marked,
lest some unsuspecting Muslim wander in and be tainted forever.

Dinner was spaghetti bolognese, made by the Rugby Star.
This picture does not do it justice.

The Ladybug having her dinner and showing off her bandaid on her ‘little gaze (graze).”
Very traumatic, as you can see.

We eat as a family most nights which is something I love.
It’s never quiet and it’s never boring.

The Ladybug decided she wanted to feed the Sprout tonight.
Extremely helpful… 

We headed upstairs for playtime and
the Sprout got ahold of my toothpaste.
I had to chase her down to get it back.
That was fun.

Then we all ‘flash lighted’ stuff, as the Ladybug calls it.
That provided about 30 minutes of entertainment.

Next, it was bath time.
The Ladybug had another boo-boo that she was keeping out of the water.

Finally, books and bedtime.
Sprout was amazed at how cute she looked in Mommy’s phone.

Oh wait!  This happened on my way to the craft store.
No one else batted an eye…

8 thoughts on “Smile for the Camera!

  1. Love seeing photos of your day and your part of the world! I'm always curious about the exotic places you live. Love the craft-equestrian shop and the pork section. And, cute kiddos, of course!!


  2. Your kiddos are so cute! So funny about the guy on the horse you encountered on the way to the craft store. Clearly, it makes since though – as the other half of the store is horse supplies. Lmao.


  3. The whole time I was driving I was thinking, “I should take a picture of that… or of that! Or of THAT!” But alas, I didn't, seeing as it might've been dangerous. Like I should've taken a picture of the sign that points to Saudi Arabia- people like that one.


  4. The funny thing was, he wasn't coming from that store! That was a couple of km down… who knows, maybe he went there first and was safely crossing at the red light 🙂 haha!


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