Shame, Shame, Shame

Day 18: Another blog I admire.

Um.  Am I allowed to admit that I don’t really read blogs?  I mean, come on.  It’s hard enough finding the time to LIVE my own life right now, much less squeezing in the time to read a blog by someone who is a better writer/more organized/takes better pictures/is funnier/has 250-10,000 followers or anything else that might make one feel jealous because one doesn’t seem to have the time to do any of those things.  I feel like there should be some sort of extension period on time for mothers- an extra hour or two a day- so you can get your own stuff done and you don’t have to take away from time with your family.  That extra hour could come when the kids are asleep, that’s fine.  And some days you could use it TO sleep.  Or to write.  Or take pictures.
Or read other people’s blogs.  
There are only two that I read consistently (I’m so sorry- this prompt has made me realize that I sort of expect people to be reading and commenting on my blog but I’m not reciprocating.  I have no excuse except to say that I literally haven’t had the time in months… or in two years, 11 months and two weeks, to be exact.  I am going to change my selfish ways.  I hereby swear in front of y’all that I’ll read your blog if you’re already reading mine.  And I’ll leave comments).  
I read Cristin’s blog about her move to Australia.  I’ve never been to Australia and I really want to go which is one reason I really like reading her posts.  More than that though, Cristin is hysterical and I’m invested in her happiness.  She is my friend.  I admire her for doing something brave- moving across the world.  And you may think that’s funny coming from me, but when I move, I already have a job and a home and I know someone is meeting me at the airport with a fist-full of money to help me get settled in.  I don’t have to figure out much on my own in those first couple of weeks- someone picks me up, takes me to the store, and takes me home.  Someone shows me which are the good restaurants and which to avoid.  I’m told where I can take the kids to play or when not to drive because it’s busy or what I can expect life to be like on a holiday.  Cristin just up and moved to Australia.  I don’t know if anyone picked her up from the airport.
I also read Bre’onna’s blog.  Bre makes me laugh.  She’s a friend I have from my mommy board on Facebook.  Our (oldest) kids are about the same age.  She takes amazing pictures of her doll-baby and makes me laugh with her stories of mommy-hood, planning a wedding, and writing.  She’s got a lot happening on her blog- I think she might be quite important in the Houston-blog market… and I know her.  And I like her.  And I really, really think our kids could be friends if we lived closer.  I already know we could be IRL friends.  I think we are.
So yeah, I have shamed myself.  I’m going to go read some blogs now.  Feel free to comment below with links to your own favorites, if you want.  Or just comment and tell me how great I am.  I’m feeling fat today. 

Here’s a picture of The Sprout with a biscuit,
sunglasses and some cars.  That makes me feel better.

11 thoughts on “Shame, Shame, Shame

  1. I love reading your blah Kelli, it makes me laugh. And I don't blog, can't be bothered, don't think I have anything to say that anyone would read, plus one more thing to d o in my already crazy schedule. You are not alone. I wasn't feeling fat today but I was feeling stupid when I couldn't find stuff I was looking for all day!! Hang in there, it will get better… on March 6th!!


  2. Im reading your blog…during this blog challenge thing. Didn't know you had a blog before that. 🙂 I like your writing style and your pictures.
    Check out: written by a gal from texas named Lincee and she's great. She writes hilarious recaps about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but has other great stuff too.


  3. Your funny!!! Confession: Your blog is the only one I read right now with more words than pictures, mostly because I tend to multitask when looking at blogs.

    Of course, I read Bre's blog and Mrs. PTB's blog. As I mentioned on Rebecca's blog, I have a blog that I utilized frequently before FB, but now my sister and aunt only look at it. It's mostly just amateur pictures of things I've made, so not like it's entertaining at all.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you!


  4. You know what's so funny – I always think, man, Kelli lives in (insert country), and I just live in Australia. I'm so boring!
    But, you should really come visit me and see boring ol' Australia. 🙂


  5. Hehe- you said my 'blah'!! Thanks for reading! Until this challenge, I wasn't really sure if anyone was reading or if anything I said was amusing. I'm actually loving writing again and hope I can continue after the challenge is over!


  6. Thanks! I'm reading yours, too. I love reading the different perspectives of living in the same place (yours, mine, Becky's)- it's really interesting! I will definitely check out that blog! It sounds fun!


  7. That's a really good point, Jen. I suppose I could get more ideas for the things people want to read about if I'm seeing other people's blogs and seeing the responses to those. Seriously, I love this challenge and how it's opened my eyes to what blogging can really be!


  8. Aww Kim! That really just made me smile! I'm glad you reminded me of the Rebecca and Angie's blogs- I forgot about them! I went and read Rebecca's again last night- love! And if you send me your link, I'll look at your blog 🙂


  9. I really want to! I'm going to figure out how to make it happen in the next couple of years… hold on. I'm going to do a check of how much it costs… eek! Must start saving!


  10. awwwwwwww. we are total friends. and if we ever get to hang out it will be epic. what i've learned is that you just need to get what you want out of blogging. if you want to use it to make lots of internet friends and maybe some google ad money, then ok. if you just want an online journal, super. i just can't follow all the “rules” of blogging.


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