The Ladybug is Three!

Yesterday on FB, I started to write, “At this time last year, I was waiting to have a baby,” or something like that.  It took me a minute to realize that it was this time THREE YEARS AGO.  Oh my goodness, how the time has flown!

If I’m following the Expat Blog Challenge format (and I mostly am), Tuesdays are about blogging.  During February, we looked at our 5th post, thought about what we wished we’d done differently when we started the blog, showed off another blog/blogger we admired, and revisited an old post to say more about it.  Ever-so-briefly, I’m going to revisit a couple of old posts, because Lord knows I’ve got more to say 🙂

If you’re interested in the Ladybug’s birth story or the craziness of getting her passport in Guatemala, feel free to check out this post from March 2011.  It’s not too gory or graphic… unless you talk to the Rugby Star who got caught on the wrong side of the c-section sheet! 

At the hospital on her very first day of life

The Ladybug Cometh.   I did not know what I was in for.  Three years later, I am overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for this little girl, even when she is trying my patience to the very edge of sanity.  This morning, she woke up, rolled over (she climbs in bed with us each night, usually around the 2am mark), smiled a sleepy but genuinely happy smile and said, “I love you.”  It was all I could do not to eat her alive.  I mean really, just consume her and her sweet little face.  I sang her Happy Birthday and she smiled again and said, “Thank you.” 

The Ladybug at three:  She has such a funny personality.  She’s moody like her mom, watches TV and movies like her dad, gets angry like… well, probably me again, and laughs outrageously like her sister, Z.  She will chase and tickle the Sprout and then turn around and punch her in the stomach.  She has started singing along to songs on her CD’s and in movies and gets unbelievably excited about cheesy pasta.  She likes to dress up now and again and her toys have started having conversations with each other- mostly about snuggles and cheesy pasta, which is adorable.  She doesn’t have access to commercials the way some kids do, so she doesn’t ask me for stuff and I really had to guess what she might want for her birthday.  She loves running and jumping and has discovered that she can stand up to swing in the big-girl swing. 

She likes building sand castles, coloring and painting.  She really likes crafts and sensory stuff and is finally using the felt projects I spent hours cutting out almost a year ago.  She loves books and reading and chooses to sleep with books over toys many nights.  When she stays up late, I catch her reading in bed, versus playing. 

She says “I love you” a million times a day. 

And I know that three is going to be hard.  It’s already started, truthfully.  The tantrums have gotten epic, comparatively.  The screaming is so loud I have to cover my ears and she can go from loving to hateful in 2.2 seconds.  But we’ll make it.  We’ll figure it out.  Other people have made it out of three alive… I’m sure we will too!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! 


4 thoughts on “The Ladybug is Three!

  1. Happy Birthday, Ladybug! What a great post! She sounds adorable – even if she has her tantrums sometimes. This is just such a great post – you are going to be so happy to have this post years from now when you are struggling to remember what this time was like. (Lol. I'm talking like I have kids of my own & know – I don't. I just know this is gonna be a great post to look back on)


  2. I'm desperately trying to save every 'I love you' in my mind palace (Sherlock reference) so when the 'I hate you's' start and the moody teenager moves in, I can remember that once she did think I was awesome! Haha!!


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