My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments

There have been a lot of awesome life moments for me since I moved overseas… but there were also a lot of awesome moments before I moved.  Today is a bit of a reflection on all things awesome in my life.

So here they are, in no particular order-   

My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments
1. Marrying the Rugby Star
2. Finding out I was pregnant with the Ladybug
3. Having the Ladybug
4. Finding out I was pregnant with Sprout
5. Having Sprout
6. The day Shannon moved into the neighborhood
This was a pretty awesome moment!
7. The day Cuthin brought Jenny home
8. When Sissy used to come sleep in my room
9. The night Sissy stayed up all night with a newborn Ladybug so we could sleep
10. The day I met Cindy in church
11. The day Carol wanted to borrow my blue blue-jean shorts from Goody’s
12. While I don’t remember the day I met Marissa, pretty much Marissa is an awesome life moment
13. Watching Cuthin and Jenny get married (and almost not singing in the wedding)
14. The day the Rugby Star proposed 
15. Meeting Rachel in the hall
16. Getting cast in Picnic
17. Singing “Fever” to Jim at the Valentine’s Cabaret
18. Finding the March 2011 Bump group
19. Getting hired in the DR (because it started this adventure)
20. Getting hired in Kuwait to teach MS/HS Choir (because it was exactly what I wanted to be doing)
21. EMAC- all the festivals
22. Getting hired in Shanghai (because I met Ken and it makes for an amazingly dramatic story)
23. Getting hired in Guatemala (because of Lindsey, Andrea, Darryl)
24. Stepping off the plane every summer
25. Choosing to have a roommate in the DR over living alone
26. Joining AGD
27. Family reunions at Aunt Beverly’s
28. Yearly trips to Oklahoma
29. Singing karaoke after work at the bar with the funny name
30. Brenau- not so much the acceptance part because I didn’t want to go, but then I did
There have been so many other awesome moments in my life.  This list could really go on and on.  Doing this list has put me in a ridiculously good mood.  It’s a good idea to think about those awesome moments every now and again.
What is your most awesome life moment?  Top five?

14 thoughts on “My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments

  1. I think it was our junior year. He was my Secret Valentine and, being a poor college student, someone (DDWTBSRT?) suggested I send him a singing telegram… of me. And somehow 'Fever' was the obvious choice. Oh my goodness it was so terrifying! His kids thought it was hysterical but G was sorta staring me down! Frightening! Haha!


  2. 31. Getting Kimi and Dawn as my SOL's- that was totally meant to be on the list and my brain was just working too fast 🙂
    32. Seeing Dawn in Shanghai… not that I remember much and school was painful the next day 🙂


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