Five Reasons We Won’t Go Home… Yet

*First off, I know it’s been almost a full year since I’ve written on this blog.  We’re just going to go ahead and move past that, like it never happened…*

An amazing opportunity presented itself to our family not too long ago.  The Rugby Star and I had decided to do a ‘soft search’ for jobs for the 2015-2016 school year- that is, we would get our resumes together, get some updated references and just tell a couple of perfect schools that we were interested in moving on.  We had a couple of good leads at great schools, but the jobs weren’t perfect, mostly because of me.  At one place, there wasn’t actually a position for me.  In another, they wanted IB Theatre and I don’t have that experience.  We were slightly bummed but not really.

Then a rather Fantastic School came knocking- THEY wanted to interview us.  We had two amazing interviews but, because we were only doing a soft search, we had a deadline to let our current school know if we were staying or going.  That deadline just didn’t work for the other school.  We all had to say ‘thanks but no thanks.’


And it was hard.  The jobs at Fantastic School would have been perfect for us, the kind of things that only come along once in a blue moon for specialists like us.  We (read: I) had also just managed to wrap my mind around packing up, saying goodbyes, not being here next year when the decision was made that we would be staying.  It was disappointing.  There were bitter feelings.  It made us think about what we really wanted out of our lives in this profession.

We started wondering if we should go home.  And then we very quickly came up with the five reasons that we won’t be going home anytime (real) soon.

1. It’s all just so exciting.  It was a definite whirlwind of emotions as we hoped and prayed to stay and go, all at the same time.  It was frustrating and disappointing to not get a job that felt so right, that seemed so made for us, but it was also really exciting.  To plan out the adventure of the next place.  To not really know what country you’ll be in next, who your friends will be, where you’ll buy your groceries.  I imagine the whole process of job hunting is like a really slow version of jumping out of an airplane and waiting for the parachute to open- terrifying, exciting, and then, relief, no matter which way things go.

2. We’re not financially ready.  We’ve got to save a heckuva lot more money before moving back to the US of A where stuff like gas costs money.  And we have to have two cars.  And pay for day care.  And the RS may or may not be able to work, since he’s a foreigner.

3. I want my kids to remember some of this experience, too.  We get to meet so many cool people and see so many awesome places- I want the girls to remember some of it.  I want them to be shaped by the different people they meet from the different cultures and be open-minded and kind to everyone.  And it would be pretty cute to hear them speak a few words of Arabic.  In’shallah.

4. The traveling.  I’m going to Italy in eight weeks.  Yep.  That’s happening.  I’m also going to Dubai in a month.  Over the summer I plan to hit New York, England and France.  Because I can.

5.  This is so not me… and I’m not ready to be me again just yet.  No one is more surprised than me that I’m living this life.  I miss home, I miss my friends and family, but it still feels like I’d be giving up if I went back now.  Like it was all just a tiny experiment or a semester abroad.

It’s a couple of months after the Fantastic School interviews and, truthfully, we’re still a little disappointed.  But there’s a comfort in knowing where you’ll be next year.  There’s no packing or planning to be done, just the same ol’ same ol’.  Visions of ‘home’ dance through my head now and again, but, for now, we’re pretty happy with our lives.  It’s good to be home.

Have you ever had to make a big decision about moving?  What made you stay or go?  Are you happy with your choice?

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3 thoughts on “Five Reasons We Won’t Go Home… Yet

  1. # 2 and 3 are my big ones as well. Honestly, not sure if we will ever go back. I do hope a fantastic school will come knocking when you guys are ready to move on. Unless there are some drastic changes, I will job searching next year. This school is not the best fit for us. I DO love reading your blog 🙂


  2. Thanks Penny! It really is quite an adventure, isn't it? And even the places that don't quite work out have some redeeming qualities. Or at least make for a very good story!


  3. The traveling alone is a good enough reason – sounds amazing! I've been living in the Netherlands since 2000 and have no plans to leave. But never say never – we may have to make a choice about location in 2017 but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, making the most of where we are!

    Thanks for linking up #ExpatLifeLinky


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