5 Goals for 2016 (Formally Known as Resolutions)

A couple of days before Christmas, a new friend and I went to the Qal’at ar-Rifa, or the Riffa Fort, around 4:00pm because we wanted to check out the lighting so that we might take family photos of each others families there.  I recently put my photography on the back burner as I pushed and shoved my way through November- Nanowrimo, the MS/HS play I was directing, the beginning of my IB coursework, recruiting for, interviewing for, and eventually getting a job for 2016/2017 in Belgrade, and report cards.  Not to mention actually teaching and spending time with the aforementioned family.  Something had to give, and it’s been the amount I’ve picked up my camera.

The Fort at sunset
There are so many beautiful doors


The Ladybug got in on the action

So when Christmas holidays rolled around and I found myself with a tiny bit more free time, I wanted to spend some more time with the ol’ girl.  I realized how much I missed taking pictures and editing and feeling the pride of looking at the perfect shot.  It made me question what I really wanted to do with my creative streak- is writing what I want?  Is it photography?

THEN- there was a woman on our recent flight to Thailand.  You want to know what she was doing?  She was KNITTING.  The last time I tried to knit on a plane, I almost had all of my yarn taken away, lest I should try and choke someone with it.  I stopped taking my projects and my needles on planes after that incident (thanks, Guatemala) and haven’t spent much time with them here in Bahrain because wool is expensive and challenging to find.

Also, it’s hot most of the year and who needs a knitted sweater or beanie when it’s 125 degrees outside?

But it got me thinking- do I want to write?  Take pictures?  Knit?

I realized the answer was: All three.  I want to do all three.  But who the heck has time for that?

A blogger.  That’s who.  Which lead me to consider my 5 Goals for 2016, which I have outlined here in no particular order.

1. Refocus my attention on my blog.  I want to write a book- for the love of God, I’ve been trying since I was eight.  But it is so time-consuming and I feel like it may not be the right time in my life to lock myself away from my family for hours a night.  It will come.  But not this year.  This year, I want to focus the blog- travel/photography/creativity- which admittedly doesn’t sound very focused, but I think it can work.  I plan to have four entries a week- a wordless, photo-only day and three written entries, and I am going to explore the areas of Bahrain that I haven’t explored.  I’m also going to write about what it’s like to transition from one country to the next seeing as we have this very exciting job looming in our near future.

2. Spend some time with my camera.  I have always enjoyed photography.  I got my first ‘real’ camera in 8th grade and must’ve taken a least a zillion pictures on our family trip to Disney that year.  I like the memories, and I like creating them.  My new friend Heather has me exploring negative space.  I like that, too.

3. Challenge myself to stay on a healthy track.  I always say, ‘I wanna lose xxx pounds this year,’ and I work out for twenty minutes and call it a day.  This year, I want to look at the way my family eats and try to incorporate more veggies and less sugar.  I will also find time to schedule in regular exercise.  I like exercising.  The Rugby Star and I  were doing Insanity together for a month and I loved it- I felt stronger and healthier and PROUD.  Then, time became a problem.  I want to make that time again.

4. I’m gonna knit.  I like knitting.  I like knitting when I’m watching TV.  I think it would help me to spend extra time with the Rugby Star.  Which might sound weird, but I feel like I’m wasting time if I’m watching TV or movies now.  I’d rather read or write or edit pictures.  But you can’t read and write while watching TV and, though I can edit, I don’t need to do that every night.  Knitting (did I mention I like it) makes me feel productive, while relaxing and spending time with the one I love most.  Plus I get to make cute hats and such.  And we’re moving to COLD next year.

5. Every other week, I’m going on a date with the Rugby Star.  Nothing is going to stand in our way.  I’ve even decided it will be on Tuesdays.  We have no obligations after our faculty meetings on Tuesdays.  One week, we’ll go out.  The next week, we’ll have a family date night, followed by a movie, show, or game together.  I am bound and determined.  This will happen.

So there are my goals.  2015 was a pretty okay year for me and I hope that 2016 will be even better.  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.  Only time will tell.  But I’ll face it head on and do my best to stay positive and present.  I’m excited to see what the next year brings.

Do you have any goals for 2016?  What are they?

Happy New Year!


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