Our Awesome Art Party

The Ladybug turned five yesterday… five.  She’s a real person.  She has thoughts, feelings, opinions, and she does not hesitate to verbalize these- loudly.  She’s starting to read.  She’s pretty good at art.  She’s working hard on pronouncing the letter ‘l’ as ‘l’ instead of ‘y.’  The Ladybug loves reading, jumping on the trampoline, painting and drawing, and has recently gotten very good at hula-hooping.  She doesn’t have many friends right now and I worry that she’s going to struggle with shyness or being introverted like her momma.

Rory's 5th Birthday redo-11

I did a birthday interview with her and she said that her favorite food was (surprise) cheesy pasta.  Her favorite present was her Pinkie Pie soft toy.  And her birthday wish- ‘gold, gold and more gold.’  I’m blaming that on Captain Hook’s golden touch from an episode of ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates,’ which we had just watched.

She had an Art Party this year, an idea I ‘borrowed’ from the paint and drink studios in the states.  I intended to be all Pinterest-y about the whole thing… but alas, it did not happen. There were no cute labels, no rice krispie-paint brush snacks.  We ordered an ice cream cake from DQ.   I had shirts made to be used as smocks, bought canvases, art palettes, paint, and painters tape.  We used our own plethora of paint brushes, set up some tables in the garage and I let ’em have at it.  I also hung up a sheet on the wall- they were supposed to calmly and sweetly make circle art, blindfolded… it didn’t turn out like that.  I didn’t mind.

Rory's 5th birthday-37
The sheet started off looking like this.  It was pretty.
Rory's 5th Birthday redo
Things started to get a little crazy…
Rory's 5th birthday-6
The Ladybug’s special smock
Rory's 5th Birthday redo-8
The Sprout didn’t like being dirty
Rory's 5th Birthday redo-19
The final products- the paintings and the sheet.  We just threw the sheet away.

There were eight kiddos in attendance, including my two, and they all had a blast, as far as I could tell.  I looked over at one point and The Ladybug was sitting at the table by herself, coloring in one of her new coloring books, happy as she could be.  My wonderful little bug.

I do not know what this life holds in store for her, but today I pray for her health and happiness.  I cannot wish for more than that.



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