The Bahrain Farmers Market- Sunday Photo

I have been hearing about the Farmers Market for several years and have never made it out to Budaiya for a visit.  I blame it on two things- I didn’t know where it was and apparently you have to go quite early on a Saturday morning or parking gets impossible.  The Rugby Star and I long-ago established a ‘you get a lie-in on one weekend day, and I get it on the other’ routine and getting up on Saturday would negate my lie-in day.  Plus, getting my vegetables separately from my groceries meant grocery shopping twice.  Ugh.

Buuuutt… in an effort to improve my photography with my friend H, and to have some expat-travel stuff to talk about on this blog, I got myself up and went to the Farmers Market this weekend.  And yes, I am now regretting that I haven’t been going all this time.  I had no idea there was so much produce being grown in Bahrain!  The colors, the fresh vegetables, the petting zoo- it was all lovely.  If you come to Bahrain for a visit or to live, the Farmers Market definitely needs to be on your list of things to do/go to.

I’ve already promised the girls we’ll go back next weekend.  They’re very excited about the horses.

Farmers Market-4Farmers Market-6Farmers Market-8

Farmers Market-19Farmers Market-11Farmers Market-10Farmers Market-20


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