52 Days in Bahrain*

*I edited this post because I counted wrong.  I knew something was wrong… I couldn’t figure it out.  Auntie L helped me.  She always helps me.*

The nostalgia set in last night, completely unexpectedly.

The Rugby Star got a text the other day, asking him to play in a friendly rugby match- Bahrain vs. The USS Harry S. Truman.  ‘One more before you go,’ the text said.  The Rugby Star, of course, said yes.  Which was kind of perfect because The Bahrain Rugby Club was on our list of pictures to take in our last 60 days.  I expected to feel a little sad, knowing it may be the last time The Rugby Star actually plays rugby… I mean, it probably won’t be, but it might be.

I also expected a few ‘aww’ feelings about being at the club.  But I wasn’t expecting to want to cry about the whole thing.  Which was how I felt.  We have spent a good chunk of time at the Rugby Club.  It was actually the first place I ever visited in Bahrain, back when we lived in Kuwait and the Nomads came over to play in the Gulf final.  I’ve spent hours there, watching The Rugby Star play, chasing the girls around the playground.  The Sprout had her first swing there.  The Ladybug loves the playground and the pool.  There have been many warm afternoons spent in the company of good friends, enjoying a game of rugby and a crisp cider.

I will miss the Rugby Club.  We haven’t gone much this year since The Rugby Star isn’t playing anymore.  We didn’t even join for the social aspect, so I thought I would be fine saying goodbye.  Turns out, I am, but I’m not.

I love the 60 Days project because it’s forcing me to step back and appreciate all the little things about the place I’ve called home for four years.  Sometimes, when you’re moving on, you get so focused on the amazing new things about the next place, that you might forget to  live in the ‘now’ of your current home.  It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the ‘getting out’ that you stop appreciating the ‘finishing up.’

I’m looking forward to summer so much.  I’m so ready to see my family and prepare for our next adventure in Serbia.  But I also need to focus on my friends and my life here and appreciate the next 52 days, rather than wish them away.

I’m sure I’ll feel nostalgic about a few more things between now and June 15th.

Day 57- BMMI Delivery from Mohsin
Day 57: African and Eastern delivery service.

I’m just putting this out here- African and Eastern delivers various libations to your door.  To. Your. Door.  You make an order and these two nice gentlemen show up a few hours later and give you alcohol.  It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Day 56- Dave's Last Rugby Game-3
Day 56: The Bahrain Rugby Club… duh
Day 56- Dave's Last Rugby Game
Day 56: The Rugby Star’s last game…?  He’s the one there in the middle.
Day 56- Dave's Last Rugby Game-7
Day 56: Who wears short shorts?

Speaking of nostalgia- on Day 55 we rocked our last rock in the glider we got when The Sprout was born.  I spent so many nights snuggling babies and reading to my two best girls, until we got a little too big to fit.  Of course we had to sell it… but I cried a little.

Day 57- Goodbye Rocking Chair-2
Day 55: Our last rock in our chair.
Day 53- Come Dine with Me-5
54: Come Dine with Me- our night to host
Day 53- Come Dine with Me-4
Day 54: Lime Posset- mmmm!
Day 52- Garage Sale
Day 53: Garage Sale Day!
Day 51- Lulu Hypermarket-3
Day 52: Our grocery store

3 thoughts on “52 Days in Bahrain*

  1. Great post Kelli. But the booze delivery guys are from African and Eastern. Waaayyy cooler and friendlier delivery guys than BMMI. Although they accomplish the same goal. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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