26 Days in Bahrain

Eek.  May has not been good to me.  It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted and in that time I’ve spent more hours at Awali Hospital than I care count.  It started with the girls getting pink eye.  A week later, I thought I had it, only to discover that what I had was hypertension.  I suppose it’s a good thing I went in for the pink eye.

Anyway, we are more than half-way done with our 60 Days in Bahrain.  I can’t believe that we’ll be leaving in a mere 26 days.  Its not particularly real yet- there are still 17 more teaching days and we haven’t packed out yet.  Our nanny is buying a large majority of our things so we still have most of our stuff.  We have started receiving emails from our new school and that is very exciting- but that’s even farther away than this move.  I know the reality will set in soon.  There will be tears.  There will be sadness.  There have already been a few ‘last times.’  But this little project is keeping me focused on each day, allowing me to find the good, the positive in my today.

We’ve had an eventful almost-30 days and I’m going to post the photos here.  You might want to get a coffee to help get you through!  Enjoy!

Day 51- Awali Hospital-4
Day 51: The beginning of a lot of visits to this hospital.
Day 50- Date Night at Senor Pacos-8
Day 50: Date Night at Sr. Paco’s.  Funny how our friends ‘just happened’ to be there!
Day 49- Al Osra and the Pork Section-7
Day 49: Al Osra.  The Pork Section- clearly labeled so you don’t accidentally walk in.
Day 48- International Day-10
Day 48: International Day at school.  This is the same gentleman who was weaving baskets on our bike trip!
Day 47- The Beach-14
Day 47: The beautiful clean beach on Girls Weekend.
Day 46- Magic Planet_-8
Day 46: Followed by a morning at Magic Planet.
Day 45- LPOD-16
Day 45: And then a day at the water park.  It was a great weekend.
Day 44- Tree of Life-6
Day 44: The Tree of Life.
Day 43- Awali Golf Club-9
Day 43: Date Night at Awali Golf Course
Day 42- Cat in the Hat Roundabout
Day 42: The Cat in the Hat Roundabout- a landmark since day one!
Day 42- Pizza Night at the Horners-11
Day 41: Crafting at pizza night at the Horners
Day 40: Cinco-de-Bye O!  Our going away party!
Day 40: Friends going and friends staying…
Day 39: A massage and a pedicure at my favorite place for Mother’s Day
Day 38- The Royal Golf Club-3
Day 38: Date night with Auntie L at the Royal Golf Club
Day 37: Oh, let me just wear this blood pressure cuff for 24 hours.  That seems like fun.
Day 36: Auntie L wasn’t feeling well either, so we finished up Downton.  Source
Day 35- Oil-2
Day 35: One of the neighborhood oil drills
Day 34- Pet Store-2
Day 34: The dog food store- the only place to get gourmet dog food
Day 33- Camel Farm-14
Day 33: Feeding a baby camel at the King’s Camel Farm
Day 32- RVIS Pool-4
Day 32: Swimming at the school pool- my little fish
Day 31- Pyramids-2
Day 31: One of us was in Egypt at the pyramids…
Day 31- Bank-2
Day 31: One of us was at the bank.  Who wins? 
Day 30- Riffa Views Gates-2
Day 30: The entrance to the neighborhood
Day 29- Al Abraaj-8
Day 29: Shisha on date night
Day 28- Girls Club and Tapas-3
Day 28: Girls Club!
Day 27- Poker Night
Day 27: Poker Night!

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