Out of the Desert (The Last 25 Days in Bahrain)

So… we had a lot of drama on our last day in the desert.  I’m not going to go into it yet, as I have a lot of bad words that I still want to say about the whole situation and the time is not quite right.  I’m so angry and hurt by the issues we faced that it left a horrible taste in my mouth for Bahrain and our school.  It’s why I haven’t written in a while- I wasn’t sure I could be positive or even appreciative of my last four years.  So I waited.  And I will continue to wait to tell you the story.  But, trust me when I say- DO NOT fly with your pets on Qatar Airways.

The last 25 days in Bahrain were an absolute whirl-wind of activity, hanging out, visiting, packing, and nostalgia.  I had moments of tears, and moments of ‘I can’t freaking wait to get out of here.’  Mostly, it was fun and a little sad, knowing I wouldn’t be seeing some of my friends for a while… and some never again.  We (international teachers) always act like we’ll see each other again.  And in many cases, we might.  Unfortunately, more times than not, ‘see you later’ really is goodbye.  And you never know who that’s going to apply to.  There will be friends that we will make an effort to see again and there will be others who are part of great memories.  Either way, saying goodbye is hard and I don’t think it’s sunk in that I won’t be seeing some of my favorite faces again next year.  But that’s part of the adventure.  There will be new friends, new adventures, new stories… and photos with greenery!

Anyway, here are the last 25 days of our four years in Bahrain.  Goodbye desert.  You will be missed.

Day 25- Yellow Submarine-8
Day 25: Yellow Submarine (aka Octonauts Play Area)
Day 24- Chili's and Patrick
Day 24: Date Night with Auntie L and Hunger Line
Day 23- Tinker toys and Pizza
Day 23: Tinkertoys and Pizza
Day 22- Indoor Skydiving-9
Day 22: Indoor Skydiving (the Rugby Star is now a skydiving star!)
Day 21- Sandstorm
Day 21: Sandstorm. Eww.

Day 20- End of Year Party-5

Day 20- End of Year Party-3
Day 20: End of the Year Party
Day 19- Painting
Day 19: Repainting the houses
Day 18- The Van Heels-5
Day 18: Dinner with my friends!
Day 17- Burial Mounds-13
Day 17: The Burial Mounds

Day 16- Bowling and Tickets-18

Day 16- Bowling and Tickets-15
Day 16: Tickets and fun at Ramli Mall
Day 15- Jaffer and Dinesh
Day 15: Take Mr. Jaffer with you… I wish we could.
Day 14- Brandy cooking
Day 14: Coach G making dinner
Day 13- Burgers at Heather and Luke's-4
Day 13: BBQ and pool time
Day 12- Come Dine with Me and a Surprise!-4
Day 12: Our last Come Dine with Me
Day 11- Packing Out-3
Day 11: Goodbye stuff

Day 10- National Museum-26

Day 10- National Museum-9
Day 10: The National Museum.  Auntie L- learning stuff
Day 9- The Street
Day 9: Our address

Budaiya Hwy-4

Budaiya Hwy-5
Day 8: Budaiya Highway and the ‘Lego Houses’
Day 7- Walking to School
Day 7: Walking to school
Day 6- All The Small Things-5
Day 6: Getting rid of all the small things
Day 4- Clock tower roundabout
Day 5: The Clocktower Roundabout
Day 4- Ramadan-5
Day 4: Ramadan decorations at Enma Mall
Day 3- Classroom and goodbyes
Day 3: My classroom door
Day 2- Mosque
Day 2: Sheikh Salman Mosque

Day 1- Drunk on a Plane-14

Day 1- Drunk on a Plane-12
Day 1: Goodbye to friends and family
Day 0- Goodbye
Day 0: Goodbye Bahrain



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