A Tribute to My Friend

Let me tell you a story about a beautiful lady. It was a hot and humid Thursday afternoon.  The Rugby Star and I were already over- and underwhelmed with our new school in Bahrain and we were itching for a little liquid relief from the heat and the madness.  The nanny said she would gladly … Continue reading A Tribute to My Friend


48 Hours in Belgrade

When I left for the Dominican Republic, way back in 2002, everyone I knew (no word of a lie) said, 'I'm coming to visit you!' My parents, my sister, and my aunt came- all at the same time, so it was technically like having one visitor.  No one else showed up. When I moved to … Continue reading 48 Hours in Belgrade

My Best and Worst of 2016

As the year winds to an end, reflection and resolution are two words that start to work their way into our vocabulary.  For me, I seem to be at that age where time is absolutely starting to fly by.  For example, I know that Alan Rickman died this year- 2016 was a really horrible year … Continue reading My Best and Worst of 2016

Our Apartment in Beograd

One of the biggest questions expat teachers have when moving to a new country is, 'What is my apartment going to look like?'  There are a few ways you get a house: Some schools may have you come early and pick out your own place, but I've only heard of that happening a few times... … Continue reading Our Apartment in Beograd

Out of the Desert (The Last 25 Days in Bahrain)

So... we had a lot of drama on our last day in the desert.  I'm not going to go into it yet, as I have a lot of bad words that I still want to say about the whole situation and the time is not quite right.  I'm so angry and hurt by the issues … Continue reading Out of the Desert (The Last 25 Days in Bahrain)

26 Days in Bahrain

Eek.  May has not been good to me.  It's been almost a month since I've posted and in that time I've spent more hours at Awali Hospital than I care count.  It started with the girls getting pink eye.  A week later, I thought I had it, only to discover that what I had was hypertension. … Continue reading 26 Days in Bahrain

52 Days in Bahrain*

*I edited this post because I counted wrong.  I knew something was wrong... I couldn't figure it out.  Auntie L helped me.  She always helps me.* The nostalgia set in last night, completely unexpectedly. The Rugby Star got a text the other day, asking him to play in a friendly rugby match- Bahrain vs. The … Continue reading 52 Days in Bahrain*