60 Days in Bahrain

When Auntie L and I left Guatemala four years ago, we were excited but sad.  Excited because new adventures loomed on the horizon... and those new adventures included not being fearful for our lives at certain times of the day or in certain areas of town, and buying fancy new smartphones.  Sad because we'd both … Continue reading 60 Days in Bahrain


Biking around Bahrain- It’s Really a Thing!

Apparently, I now like to do Active Things in my Active Wear.  Some might even want to call me athletic after all the scuba-diving and bike-riding lately. With our imminent departure from Bahrain looming on the horizon, and the unlikely possibility that we will ever return, we have been thinking about all those 'things we haven't … Continue reading Biking around Bahrain- It’s Really a Thing!

Puddles on Wordless Wednesday

It doesn't rain often in Bahrain, so when there are puddles, we jump right in!

The Bahrain Farmers Market- Sunday Photo

I have been hearing about the Farmers Market for several years and have never made it out to Budaiya for a visit.  I blame it on two things- I didn't know where it was and apparently you have to go quite early on a Saturday morning or parking gets impossible.  The Rugby Star and I … Continue reading The Bahrain Farmers Market- Sunday Photo

Our Awesome Art Party

The Ladybug turned five yesterday... five.  She's a real person.  She has thoughts, feelings, opinions, and she does not hesitate to verbalize these- loudly.  She's starting to read.  She's pretty good at art.  She's working hard on pronouncing the letter 'l' as 'l' instead of 'y.'  The Ladybug loves reading, jumping on the trampoline, painting … Continue reading Our Awesome Art Party