#MySundayPhoto-Growing Up

The Ladybug turned six yesterday- and I'm not sure where the last six years have gone, but I have loved spending them with this girl. Now if time could just slow down a little bit.


Our Awesome Art Party

The Ladybug turned five yesterday... five.  She's a real person.  She has thoughts, feelings, opinions, and she does not hesitate to verbalize these- loudly.  She's starting to read.  She's pretty good at art.  She's working hard on pronouncing the letter 'l' as 'l' instead of 'y.'  The Ladybug loves reading, jumping on the trampoline, painting … Continue reading Our Awesome Art Party

On the Eve of my 38th Birthday

The eve of my birthday is as special as my birthday because it is also the birthday of one of my best friends.  I was lucky enough to meet M when I was a wee babe, a life-changing event that I don't remember in the slightest.  We went to day care together and I'd like … Continue reading On the Eve of my 38th Birthday