The Travel Curse Strikes Again- A Road Trip from Belgrade to England

My kids are amazing travelers and you will never convince me otherwise.  They once happily played and slept their way through a nine-hour layover in London Heathrow.  They moved from hotel to hotel when not one but two flights were canceled in a trip from Atlanta to Bahrain, resulting in a 48-hour trip instead of … Continue reading The Travel Curse Strikes Again- A Road Trip from Belgrade to England

26 Days in Bahrain

Eek.  May has not been good to me.  It's been almost a month since I've posted and in that time I've spent more hours at Awali Hospital than I care count.  It started with the girls getting pink eye.  A week later, I thought I had it, only to discover that what I had was hypertension. … Continue reading 26 Days in Bahrain

52 Days in Bahrain*

*I edited this post because I counted wrong.  I knew something was wrong... I couldn't figure it out.  Auntie L helped me.  She always helps me.* The nostalgia set in last night, completely unexpectedly. The Rugby Star got a text the other day, asking him to play in a friendly rugby match- Bahrain vs. The … Continue reading 52 Days in Bahrain*

25 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now- Expat Edition

I absolutely adore the Facebook 'memories' feature.  Almost every day, I get to see a cute picture of the Ladybug or the Sprout from their younger years, thank you Facebook.  There are memories of friends I've lost touch with, vague status updates that I have try and decipher (sorry about those), and the funny ones … Continue reading 25 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now- Expat Edition

I Roam Around, Around, Around

Day 17: Today's is a photo post - Something I never would have seen if I’d stayed home.How has it already been seven years?!Easy-peasy, I thought when I read today's prompt.  And then I realized it wasn't.  Because the answer is fairly obvious- I wouldn't have seen ANY of the stuff I've seen if I … Continue reading I Roam Around, Around, Around

Different levels of torture…

People said I should've known, and maybe they were right.  After all, I married a physical education teacher- a gorgeous man who plays rugby, soccer and has enough swimming trophies to make even Michael Phelps jealous.  But we met in Kuwait- there were no bars in Kuwait so there was nowhere to go to watch … Continue reading Different levels of torture…