25 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now- Expat Edition

I absolutely adore the Facebook 'memories' feature.  Almost every day, I get to see a cute picture of the Ladybug or the Sprout from their younger years, thank you Facebook.  There are memories of friends I've lost touch with, vague status updates that I have try and decipher (sorry about those), and the funny ones … Continue reading 25 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now- Expat Edition


Cultural Experiences Abroad

Usually when I tell someone I teach abroad, they make assumptions.  When I was in China, they assumed I was teaching English.  In Kuwait, the tech director at the university I attended for graduate school was more than a little surprised that I had internet capabilities.  He was also surprised I didn't live in a tent. … Continue reading Cultural Experiences Abroad

7 Reasons Christmas was Awesome

This Christmas was the 'first' time my little family of four woke up together, just us, in our home to celebrate Christmas.  The past two Christmases, we spent our Christmas morning with the In-Laws in England, which was nothing short of magical.  One of those years, Little Sister and her then-boyfriend-now-FIANCE (sqweee!) came and stayed … Continue reading 7 Reasons Christmas was Awesome

The Autumn Fair… in January (Plus Girls Weekend)

I have occasionally complained of the lack of things to do in Bahrain (even though there is a shop by that name that sells equestrian gear on one side and arts and crafts supplies on the other, proving that my grumbles must, in fact, be incorrect).  However, I think the problem isn't that there is … Continue reading The Autumn Fair… in January (Plus Girls Weekend)

Reunions Around the World

I got an invitation to my 20th (eek!) high school reunion this week.  I also got a text from a friend of mine in Saudi Arabia who said she and her family were crossing the Causeway for a weekend visit to Bahrain and did we want to meet for breakfast.  On Thursday, I revealed to … Continue reading Reunions Around the World