Silent Sunday- March 20


They Don’t Deserve It- A Teacher Rant

My BFF wasn't allowed to have gum as a child.  Apparently, this was the only thing she ever wanted when she accompanied her mom to the grocery store and her mom always said no.  She vowed that when she had kids, if they wanted gum, they were gonna get gum, dammit! My mom would never … Continue reading They Don’t Deserve It- A Teacher Rant

Puddles on Wordless Wednesday

It doesn't rain often in Bahrain, so when there are puddles, we jump right in!

Our Awesome Art Party

The Ladybug turned five yesterday... five.  She's a real person.  She has thoughts, feelings, opinions, and she does not hesitate to verbalize these- loudly.  She's starting to read.  She's pretty good at art.  She's working hard on pronouncing the letter 'l' as 'l' instead of 'y.'  The Ladybug loves reading, jumping on the trampoline, painting … Continue reading Our Awesome Art Party

7 Reasons Christmas was Awesome

This Christmas was the 'first' time my little family of four woke up together, just us, in our home to celebrate Christmas.  The past two Christmases, we spent our Christmas morning with the In-Laws in England, which was nothing short of magical.  One of those years, Little Sister and her then-boyfriend-now-FIANCE (sqweee!) came and stayed … Continue reading 7 Reasons Christmas was Awesome

Five Things I Wish I’d Known About Having Kids…

I apparently started writing this post almost two years ago, meaning the Ladybug was three and Sprout was about 18 months.  I created the list way back then, but didn't finish it, probably because of the children.  Nothing has changed, so I suppose I will finish it now. They don't come with a volume button. … Continue reading Five Things I Wish I’d Known About Having Kids…