48 Hours in Belgrade

When I left for the Dominican Republic, way back in 2002, everyone I knew (no word of a lie) said, 'I'm coming to visit you!' My parents, my sister, and my aunt came- all at the same time, so it was technically like having one visitor.  No one else showed up. When I moved to … Continue reading 48 Hours in Belgrade


A visit to Zlatibor, Serbia- Gostilje Waterfall and Stopica Cave

Last week was a bit of a blur.  Monday and Tuesday, we had our first set of Parent-Teacher Conferences.  For the past four years, I worked in a school that held Student-Led Conferences.  Student-Led Conferences are just what they sound like- student led.  My homeroom students would sign up for a 30-minute block of time … Continue reading A visit to Zlatibor, Serbia- Gostilje Waterfall and Stopica Cave

Our Apartment in Beograd

One of the biggest questions expat teachers have when moving to a new country is, 'What is my apartment going to look like?'  There are a few ways you get a house: Some schools may have you come early and pick out your own place, but I've only heard of that happening a few times... … Continue reading Our Apartment in Beograd

60 Days in Bahrain

When Auntie L and I left Guatemala four years ago, we were excited but sad.  Excited because new adventures loomed on the horizon... and those new adventures included not being fearful for our lives at certain times of the day or in certain areas of town, and buying fancy new smartphones.  Sad because we'd both … Continue reading 60 Days in Bahrain

How to be an Introvert and an Expat

'Let's go down and make some new friends,' SB said, pulling on a cute, light-weight sweater and walking towards the ladder in our floor. 'I have enough friends.  You go ahead,' I replied, pulling out my book, snuggling under the covers, and praying there were no cockroaches in the ceiling. That conversation pretty much sums … Continue reading How to be an Introvert and an Expat

There Are Things for Kids to do in Bahrain

Guatemala was a beautiful country full of incredible people.  It was also incredibly dangerous and, in the fifteen months my daughter lived there, she went to the mall, the school, and Antigua.  Oh, and the grocery store.  That was it.  There wasn't a local park to play in.  There wasn't a safe neighborhood, other than … Continue reading There Are Things for Kids to do in Bahrain

My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments

There have been a lot of awesome life moments for me since I moved overseas... but there were also a lot of awesome moments before I moved.  Today is a bit of a reflection on all things awesome in my life.So here they are, in no particular order-   My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments1. Marrying … Continue reading My 30 Most Awesome Life Moments