Some Really Good Advice…

The recruiting process for international teachers is hard.  It's a ridiculously long, stressful process that reminds me a lot of Rush (Recruitment) in a sorority.  Will they like me?  Is this school cool?  Will everyone think I'm awesome if I go here?  Why is no one else applying here?  What do they know that I … Continue reading Some Really Good Advice…


My Love/Hate Relationship with ‘The Help’

Since I've moved overseas, I've had a maid.  When I was being 'sold' on moving to the Dominican Republic, Kimi at Las Picharditas informed me that it was the done thing to have someone come and clean your house for you.  And it was cheap.  And they would do a really, really good job.  Sometimes, … Continue reading My Love/Hate Relationship with ‘The Help’

Where Can I Get Pom-Poms (or Where I Shop)

One of the most fun and often frustrating parts of moving to a new country is figuring out what you can and can't buy... and where to find it.    In the US, we are accustomed to a one-stop shopping experience, especially with the explosion of Super Walmarts and Targets.  What?  I can get groceries, a … Continue reading Where Can I Get Pom-Poms (or Where I Shop)

My First Linkup- The Unexpected Challenge

‘The Unexpected Challenge’ – share something that you had not expected that was a challenge to overcome (it can be a positive or negative challenge). You can share how you dealt with it, or are still trying to – anything that you want to write about. End with three tips on how best to face … Continue reading My First Linkup- The Unexpected Challenge

The Traditions We Keep

Day 27: A tradition I maintain.I have been overseas for twelve years and I have not yet missed a Thanksgiving celebration.  Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving- you don't mess with it. It doesn't matter if you live in the Dominican Republic when Thanksgiving rolls around.  If you do, you might help collaborate on a traditional Southern Thanksgiving feast, … Continue reading The Traditions We Keep

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Day 26: Recognize someone who has made your expat experience better. One of the best things about being an international teacher is that, though we're all here doing the same thing, there are so many different people from so many different walks of life.  There is also an abundance people at different ages and in … Continue reading You’ve Got a Friend in Me