26 Days in Bahrain

Eek.  May has not been good to me.  It's been almost a month since I've posted and in that time I've spent more hours at Awali Hospital than I care count.  It started with the girls getting pink eye.  A week later, I thought I had it, only to discover that what I had was hypertension. … Continue reading 26 Days in Bahrain


52 Days in Bahrain*

*I edited this post because I counted wrong.  I knew something was wrong... I couldn't figure it out.  Auntie L helped me.  She always helps me.* The nostalgia set in last night, completely unexpectedly. The Rugby Star got a text the other day, asking him to play in a friendly rugby match- Bahrain vs. The … Continue reading 52 Days in Bahrain*

60 Days in Bahrain

When Auntie L and I left Guatemala four years ago, we were excited but sad.  Excited because new adventures loomed on the horizon... and those new adventures included not being fearful for our lives at certain times of the day or in certain areas of town, and buying fancy new smartphones.  Sad because we'd both … Continue reading 60 Days in Bahrain

Biking around Bahrain- It’s Really a Thing!

Apparently, I now like to do Active Things in my Active Wear.  Some might even want to call me athletic after all the scuba-diving and bike-riding lately. With our imminent departure from Bahrain looming on the horizon, and the unlikely possibility that we will ever return, we have been thinking about all those 'things we haven't … Continue reading Biking around Bahrain- It’s Really a Thing!

Dahab, Egypt- The Greatest Place You’ve Never Heard Of

Last year, to the day to be precise, I left for Italy with Auntie L and her friend Stirfry.  I was excited because I had been wanting to go to Italy for, well, ever. But I was also very nervous.  It was the first time I was leaving the girls for more than a couple … Continue reading Dahab, Egypt- The Greatest Place You’ve Never Heard Of

7 Reasons Christmas was Awesome

This Christmas was the 'first' time my little family of four woke up together, just us, in our home to celebrate Christmas.  The past two Christmases, we spent our Christmas morning with the In-Laws in England, which was nothing short of magical.  One of those years, Little Sister and her then-boyfriend-now-FIANCE (sqweee!) came and stayed … Continue reading 7 Reasons Christmas was Awesome

There Are Things for Kids to do in Bahrain

Guatemala was a beautiful country full of incredible people.  It was also incredibly dangerous and, in the fifteen months my daughter lived there, she went to the mall, the school, and Antigua.  Oh, and the grocery store.  That was it.  There wasn't a local park to play in.  There wasn't a safe neighborhood, other than … Continue reading There Are Things for Kids to do in Bahrain